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Dr. Arlan Cage, ND, Naturopathic Physician
Concierge Medicine Program

Background: What is Concierge Medicine?

The modern conventional medical system is impacted; even before the covid situation there could be a wait of months to see a primary care doctor.  During the last few years, health care practitioners have been leaving the profession in droves, making the problem of access even worse.


The Concierge model solves these problems.  Practitioners generally limit the number of patients who participate in their program, meaning you will always be able to be seen in a timely manner.  This can be important for families with children, when the next illness or injury is unpredictable, or for anyone facing chronic illnesses. 

So what exactly is a Concierge health program?  Essentially, you pay for all health care visits for an entire year in advance.  One fee includes office visits for health exams, consultations, review of your lab tests, revising your treatment plans, physical treatment such as the physical adjustments and soft tissue corrections in Dr. Cage’s HSIF work, energy healing, mind-body-spirit consultations and any other office visit you need.  Generally speaking, Concierge plans do not include the costs of lab tests, nor medications/nutritional supplements.


The Concierge Medicine Program

consists of the following benefits:

- up to 48 visits (consultations, treatments, etc.)

- an annual physical exam (laboratory testing not included

- access to all the Dr. Cage Says health education programs

- participation in all Dr. Cage Says Qigong classes


The program duration is for one calendar year from the date of these program receipt.


Program Options:

- Single individual:  $2250

- Couple’s Rate: $3750 (second individual 1/3 discount)

- Children 14 and under $1150 (50% off adult rate

- Family rate: negotiated on an individual basis


For those who would like to initiate this program, and don’t have the full amount up front, there is a plan through the Dr. Cage Says Patreon program at $225 per month, which is billed automatically through the Patreon platform, which equates to $2700 over the course of the year.


Concierge programs basically ensure you are seen by a doctor in a timely manner, you receive more face to face time than has become typical in the modern medical system, and develop a more personal relationship with your physician.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

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