Dr. Arlan Cage - bio

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Dr. Cage holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics and Astronomy from Whitman College, a Master’s degree in Space Technology from Florida Tech, a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, and Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine from Samra University.  He spent 16 years as a rocket scientist in the aerospace industry where he specialized in the propulsion systems and guidance and control systems of unmanned spacecraft.  Eventually, a growing interest in natural health led him to make a career change to become a Naturopathic physician and acupuncturist.   

He is also trained in several systems of energy medicine and ancient healing techniques including Medical Qi Gong and the Aka Dua Healing energy.  He has been initiated into several sacred, indigenous and esoteric spiritual lineages and now works in the capacity of a an author, lecturer, consultant, spiritual counselor, medical intuitive and shamanic teacher.  This understanding of spirituality, combined with several wholistic healing systems and his background in rigorous science, form the basis of this book, his teachings and his life’s work. 

Product Development and Corporate Consulting - 

Dr. Cage is available for various types of consultant work to lend his knowledge and expertise to worthy projects that will improve both the health vitality of individuals and groups.  Private workshops are available and can be tailored to assist in the workplace and corporate environments to Heal Your Life, and Heal the World!

Dr. Arlan Cage brings a unique blend of experience to the complicated subjects of health, wellness and human potential.  Unlike most other professionals in the field of science and medicine, Dr. Cage believes the keys to health for our future generations can be found in modern physics.  This crucial understanding of physics, lacking from our western medical model, is the missing link between Oriental medical theory and the practice of Western medicine, and is one of the many eclectic talents he brings to the table. 
Over time, Dr. Cage observed that contrary to many teachings in both conventional medicine as well as wholistic, natural medicine, the “secret formula” for healing is actually quite straightforward.  His approach to treating even highly complicated cases was quite successful.  His many years of private practice have given him the necessary research and clinical experience to see the much broader picture of the health crisis in America today.  Having successfully helped thousands of patients with all manner of afflictions using only holistic treatments and sound scientific principles, he now brings these concepts to professional and public audiences.  
The process begins with taking personal responsibility for your own health and that of your families and communities.  We must know and understand what will heal us, and what will harm us, and make continual progress towards a healthier Body, Mind and Spirit, for ourselves and our connections to others.  Dr. Cage brings a greater awareness and understanding to these critical questions in this book, Heal your Life Heal the World, where he lays out the essential elements affecting our health and wellbeing in the orld and gives sage advice for directing the future of humanity in order for us all – individually and collectively – to reach our full potential.