2020 Summer Series; Advanced Healing and Energetics!

Energy, Consciousness and Healing Training

… bringing Energy Healing to a New Level! 



Energy Healing Courses and Open Training Sessions:

The Aka Dua Institute of Healing is pleased to announce our 2020 series of Energy Healing Course.  These courses will primarily be offered On-Line via Zoom and You-Tube broadcasts with Dr. Arlan Cage.


Dr. Cage is a retired Naturopath and Acupuncturist and has developed highly effective training and techniques in the use of subtle energies for healing and transformation.  His ‘Human Structural Integrity Field’ techniques, involving kinesiology and gentle manipulation, are tools every practitioner should have. 


Please indicate your interest in these upcoming courses and we will notify you as they are scheduled.






Most classes and training available to all skill levels and energy modalities (Chi, Prana, Reiki, etc.)

*Special Prices – There are some scholarship opportunities, discounts, and payment arrangements if necessary … Please contacts us for more detailed descriptions and questions … courses are outlined by ‘Series’ and as a ‘Calendar of Events’





Weekly (Open) Energy Sessions                                                                                                free

weekly (weds & sun)     Beginning is June 2020 those interested will be notified of impromptu training in Consciousness, Healing and Transformational Energy techniques.  Sessions will tentatively be on Zoom and You Tube on Wednesday Evenings and Sunday Afternoons (Pacific Daylight time).  Training Sessions are open to all learning levels (donations appreciated)

This Saturday!

June 27, Saturday, 10am-1pm  - Aka Dua Level II (On-line), (L2 Attunement $100)  Course Training w/frequencies/Basic Energy Healing. Must hold Level I. ($50 suggested course donation)

July 5, Sunday, 4pm-5pm  - Open Energy Training Session (all welcome) (free*)


July 11, Saturday, 10am–12noon – Kinesiology: A Higher Communication (by donation*)

Course presents a short history of Kinesiology, basic anatomy, and teaches two specific methods that are the most reliable and accurate ways of performing kinesiological assessment of your clients.


July 19, Sunday, 4pm-5pm  - Open Energy Training Session (all welcome) (free*)


July 25, Saturday, 10am–3pm – Aka Dua Level III (on-line), (L3 Attunement $300)

Course includes L1 & L2 Instruction & Advanced Practice.  Must hold Level II. (w/$50 donation)

August 2, Sunday, 4pm-5pm  - Open Energy Training Session (all welcome) (free*)


August 8, Saturday, 10am-3pm – Advanced Energy Healing, ($75 suggested donation)

Advanced Energy Healing Techniques, Energy Anatomy, Meridians and acu-points and assessment


August 23, Sunday, 4pm-5pm  - Open Energy Training Session (all welcome) (free*)


August 29/30, Sat/Sun, 10am-4pm  – Human Structure Integrity Field Method I ($250)*

(Two) Weekend (On-line) Courses combines methods of energy healing, kinesiology, trigger point stimulus and other non-force techniques.  Suitable for healers and practitioners of all types

September 13, Sunday, 4pm-5pm  - Open Energy Training Session (all welcome) (free*)


September 26/27 Sat/Sun, 10am-4pm; Human Structure Integrity Field Method II ($250)**

** ( Pre-pay Discount; $100 off both weekend course or $25 each course)

Aka Dua Energy      

Aka Dua is a powerful Solar energy from the Toltec lineage for Consciousness, Healing and Transformation.  Aka Dua sub-frequencies Solar, Lunar, Atmospheric, Oceanic, Volcanic, Obsidian and the Un-Named …

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