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The Human Structural Integrity Field Method 
of Kinesiological Physiotherapy

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Course Background & Description

This Course is offered via ZOOM for your convenience

The Human organism has an energy field which can be accessed for the purpose of both assessment and correction of problems on many levels.  Bones, tendons, muscles, nerves, organs - all can be aided with this powerful method.  Over the last 25+ years, Dr. Cage has combined methods of energy healing, kinesiology, trigger point stimulus and other non-force techniques to produce this powerful system of healing.  Suitable for healers and practitioners of all types.

HSIF - The Human Structural Integrity Field Method of Kinesiological Physical Therapy 

Two-Day Class, Date & Time in 2022, TBD


The Human Structural Integrity Field Method, or HSIF, is a combination of healing techniques, including kinesiological assessment, trigger point and acupressure/meridian therapy, non-force technique, and human energy field manipulation.  These have been combined and expanded to produce something entirely new.  This method gives the practitioner the ability to be extremely specific in the correction of a wide variety of structural injuries and ailments: sprains, strains, misalignments, bruises, and so forth.  Individual muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and nerves are all able to be specifically targeted for specific treatment which greatly speeds overall healing.  


This course teaches how to reliably use the energy field of the practitioner to interact with the energy field of the client to make detailed, specific diagnoses, and then to safely and gently correct imbalances and greatly accelerate healing.  


Many treatments of all types fail to hold or quickly lose their effectiveness, simply because some small component has been overlooked.  Manipulative adjustments may not hold because concomitant soft tissue injuries aren’t corrected.  The best soft tissue work or physical therapy may not correct problems with underlying subtle bony misalignments.  None of these may work if the problems are with energy meridians or other aspects of the body’s energy fields.  The HSIF system of therapy allows you, the practitioner, to test for any and all of these to help speed your clients recovery.  The knowledge presented in this course, of how our body’s structure and energy fields interact, and how to use this information therapeutically, is as fundamental as anatomy and physiology.  Every practitioner of every type would benefit from studying and using this material.




This material is especially indicated for all types of healers who do any kind of structural work.  Chiropractors, physical therapists, Naturopathic physicians, orthopedists, podiatrists, dentists, medical doctors, acupuncturists, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, massage therapists, body workers and energy workers of all types can all utilize these techniques to augment their practices..



Course Fee $300. 

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