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Consulting for Corporations & Organizations

Strategic and Long-Term Health Consulting for
Corporations and Organizations

If you are an owner or manager, whether your company uses one of the standard, large health insurance providers, or if you operate a “self-insured” program administered by an insurance company, the main concern for you is probably the overall cost.  The main concern for your employees is most likely the full scope of benefits to keep themselves and their families healthy.

What if there were ways to reduce the actual health care costs by keeping people healthy, and not needing to tap into the pool of funds used to ultimately pay health care providers?  Suppose that within 2-3 years, or even less time in some instances, you saw a 25-50% reduction in actual expenses for heart disease, diabetes and other expensive-to-treat chronic illnesses?  Would that be of interest to you?  Would you like to reduce absentee rates among employees, either due to their own illness or the need to care  for a sick child or other family member?


All this, and more, is actually possible!  Through education and training to the doctors and other health care providers approved by your insurance plan, combined with employee health education programs, people will actually get healthier, and true causes of illness will be corrected, (as opposed to merely long-term symptom suppression). 


These kinds of programs produce long-term win-win scenarios for everyone.  Employees and families are healthier. Absentee rates go down, productivity goes up, and your long-term insurance premiums and costs will drop.

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