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Detoxification for Body and Home 

part of the 1st Thursday Wellness Series

Thursday, January 4, 2024

6:00 – 7:00 pm mt (also online)

Winter is a challenging time. We shut ourselves up inside our homes, get less fresh air and sunshine, and engage in that annual ritual of Holiday Retoxification – overconsumption of rich food and drink – all while, in general, getting less exercise.


In this presentation, Dr. Cage will go over the process of how to detoxify our body from environmental toxins and holiday excesses. He also discusses ways to prevent toxins in the place most of us spend most of our time – our homes!


Outlines of detoxification protocols and product recommendations for a basic detoxification program will be discussed, as well as how to eliminate toxins from your home: water, clear liquids, juicing, fasting, herbs & tonics.


Attend  Live, in person, or join us on Zoom


Meeting ID: 882 7778 5580

Passcode: 017350

Dr. Cage ND - Wellness Clinic

RCEDA Business Center, Conference Room

274 Old Corvallis Rd. Hamilton, MT 59840

Space limited, RSVP - 406-361-8073



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