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Dr. Cage Says, Get Healthy, Get Serious in 2023

Here we are, one month into the new year already, 1/12 of the way through 2023.  If you are like many Americans, your New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight, eat healthy and exercise regularly have long since been dropped, as the realities of time, stress, money and other obligations quickly reasserted themselves in your life. 


Perhaps you would still like to get in shape and lose weight, but you just don’t know what will work and every other plan you’ve tried has failed.  So, with the year starting to slip by and the numbers on the scale starting to creep upwards, you may already be resigning yourself to another frustrating year, of watching other people get slim, trim, and healthier, wishing you could do that too.


Not so fast!


The Dr. Cage Says program Get Healthy, Get Serious, is based in part on the weight loss program I’ve offered previously (which is still available on the website, by the way), and has been updated and improved for exactly this time.  January was for the bandwagon crowd.  February is when the truly serious buckle down and get busy for the long haul.  The main thing that most of you need, is accurate instructions that will really work.


One key difference with this approach, is that weight loss isn’t actually the goal.  Weight loss is a side benefit of implementing a healthier lifestyle, aimed at making new habits, fueling your body’s cells with real energy, real nutrients and fueling you with real purpose. 


This program will blend classroom-type information with one-on-one consultations, to help you determine which plans are best for you, and then guide you through the process.


This newly revamped program is divided into 4 phases.  We will have a group class, and then a one-on-one consultation with you to customize your plan, for each of the four phases. 


Time and experience working with literally hundreds of patients have taught me that until you address the quality of food you eat, everything else you do is pretty much a waste of time and effort.  This is true not only if your goal is to lose weight, but also for pretty much every other health condition you might be dealing with.  Phase 1 of this program addresses food quality and the basics of your physiology.  Included in this conversation is the subject of adverse food reactions – which include allergies, sensitivities and intolerances.  Once you master these basics, the rest of your weight loss goals and health goals get a whole lot easier.




This phase explores various factors in addition to foods which have an impact on weight for many people.  From mental and emotional aspects of eating to exercise, to counting calories and caloric balance (when it is useful and when it isn’t) and how to handle stress in your life, the lifestyle choices we make, and can consciously remake, have a tremendous impact on your health.



With the basics of food and lifestyle under your belt, it is time to focus on more metabolic and medical aspects of weight, fat storage and health.  Not all of the areas we cover here may be an issue for everyone, but after 25 years of clinical experience, I can tell you that one or more of these areas affect a great many health seekers.



After covering the basics presented thus far, Phase 4 looks at additional metabolic factors that for many fit the description of “fine tuning”.  Seldom are these the main culprit, or roadblock, to losing weight, but often they can be a missing link once the big picture factors covered in the earlier phases have been dealt with.  This section includes factors such as environmental toxins, inflammation, sleep and how to deal with possible genetic factors. 



The class will start on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25,  Courses are offered on Zoom.  Each group class is expected to last about 2 hours, depending on the number of attendees and questions.  If you miss a live class, recordings will be available, so you can actually start the class any time. 


Dates for the courses for Phases 2-4 are still TBD, but will be on Saturdays over the following 2-3 months.  Consultations will be scheduled based on mutual availability.



-    Four courses covering the major determinants of health, weight management, your immune system and detoxification in our modern, post pandemic world.

-    Four, one-on-one consultations with Dr. Cage to customize this information for you

-    Follow up emails for questions.  I can’t say they will be unlimited, but no reasonable request will be turned down

-    Access to the course videos to rewatch the material as often as you would like.



- total cost is $330.  It is inclusive for everything listed above



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- if you would like a 50% discount on this course and all Dr. Cage Says course offerings, join our Patreon community at the Mastery or Virtuoso levels.

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