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The Ancient Immortals Longevity Program


Recorded history is full of stories of those seeking longevity and immortality.  Theories abound about the secrets needed to attain this lofty goal.  Some point to the Bible where the book of Genesis ways we live 120 years.  The book of Psalms, meanwhile says 70 or 80.  Elsewhere Genesis says Methuselah lived 969 years, and other historical patriarchs lived in the 600-900 year time frame.  In more modern times, we have records of people living from 150-250 years.  So, what do we believe?


The best of modern science, from multiple points of view, says that right now, with all the knowledge we have, the range of 120-150 years should be possible.  This is 120-150 years in good health.  This is without any sort of magic formulas, without secret alchemical potions, without having to fly off to magical Himalayan valleys.  Then, IF we manage to find and add in secret potions and other esoteric techniques, that range of 120-150 should be able to be extended by a factor of 4-5 or more.  This means that 150 years could become 750.


While this sounds so fantastical that most of you reading this may dismiss it out of hand, just know this.  The longest-lived individual for whom there was both a birth certificate AND a death certificate was Li, Ching-Yuen, a Chinese herbalist, who was 256 years old at the time he died in 1933.  He stated that the techniques he learned for longevity and health came from a hermit he met in the mountains of China while foraging herbs, and according to Li, this individual was over 500.  For that particular situation, there is no documented proof; we don't even have his name, Li never gave it. 


Dr. Cage Says is launching a program this year called Ancient Immortals.  I anticipate that this will be a 6-class program covering the history, science, and techniques of everything we know about longevity.  From the historical long-lived figures we have data on, to the various long-lived, healthy populations around the world, to modern scientific theories of again and how we can neutralize the effects of modern technology, toxins and radiation that are adversely affecting our health, and some of the key genetic knowledge we know of Telomeres and other genes, I'll be exploring it all.


Most important, however, will be the detailed instructions of what you can do, right now in your own life, to take charge of your health and longevity.  Here is a list of some of the major topics we will cover, some of which you can start right now!


  • Food quality, and the 80/20 ratio of plant based to animal-based calories (start this now!)

  • Antioxidants to reverse environmental toxin damage.  These include Vitamin C, Vitamin E Complex containing Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta Tocopherols, as well as Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta Tocotrienols. 

  • Other very, very good antioxidants are the bioflavonoid complexes, as well as Resveratrol, which naturally occurs in Red grapes.  It too is available as a supplement. 

  • Exercise – DAILY! Even if walking for as little as five minutes to start, it is establishing the daily routine that is important

  • Regular Daily Meditation

  • Subtle Energy Work.  Li, Ching-Yuen practice qigong daily as part of his overall longevity methods.  If you already know Qigong or Tai Chi, great!  Do it daily.  If not, I recommend you start now, even with basic qigong ( 

  • Li Ching-Yuen's special exercises will be taught in the program later this summer.


In Summary

  • upgrade your food Quality

  • Add Antioxidants

  • Exercise regularly

  • Practice with subtle energies such as Qigong

  • Meditate daily


Join us for the Introduction Class!    

The Human Potential Longevity Program   

June 25th, Saturday 10am (mt)  (2hrs) $60/50*

The outline for the 8–10-week program will be presented, with an opportunity to ask questions. Based on the registration for the program we will determine the best schedule (weekly verses 4 weekends).  The program will be available via video if you cannot attend all the scheduled dates.


6 class Program (July-Dec, 2022) $600 full price, pay monthly

$500 paid in full by July 7th, 2022, $400 Patreon Members

(cost of the Introductory course will be applied to the tuition for the full course for those continuing)

Bonus! The program includes the Introduce course this Saturday followed by a 6-8hr class each month, as well as a private appointment with Dr. Cage and a personal health plan with a custom herbal tonic! 

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