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Dr. Cage Says ...

Total Commitment Martial Arts
Aiki-Kime Ryu Karate Jutsu
Qigong for Health & Longevity

Join us for ...

Qigong – 2 classes weekly, $25 per month

- Beginning level Wed evening 6:30 pm (mountain time)

- Intermediate level Sat mornings, 9:00 am (mountain time)

(included in the Patreon membership)

- Advanced training is offered via private, one-on-one instruction for both karate and qigong.

Register via the website:



Private and Group Instruction – (Begins in 2023)

  • Beginning Karate

  • Nutrition and Herbs – Chinese and Western

  • Energy and Healing

  • Wellness and Longevity

  • Reading and Conferences

  • Advanced Personal Practice



Facebook: Aiki-Kime Ryu Karate Jutsu

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