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Nutritional Industry Consulting

Nutritional Industry
With his many years of expertise as a clinician in natural medicine, and his strong scientific background (read full bio here), Dr. Cage has a long history of nutritional supplement design and evaluation.  For many years, he had turned the back room of his clinic into a laboratory, developing custom formulations for patients when commercial products were not available to meet their needs.  This experience is now available to serve the needs of your company.  Specific services include:


• Designing nutritional and herbal supplements for specific conditions

• Reviewing your existing products or design concepts for efficacy and safety

• Endorsement of your products or product lines that meet Dr. Cage's standards of safety and efficacy

• Designing integrated product lines


Dr. Cage is always seeking to partner with wholistically minded companies to produce products promoting long-term health.  Areas of his specialties include: endocrine system disorders, female reproductive system, fertility, core nutrition, gastrointestinal health, stress reduction and longevity.

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