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Dr. Cage Says ... Patreon Payments and Registration

Valued Members! Thank you for your support!
Always register for courses and make payments if necessary from this page.

Enthusiast pay $9 mthly and receive 30% off most courses *
Mastery pay $33 mthly and receive 50% off most courses*
Virtuoso Members pay $86 mthly and includes most courses*
Please always register for the courses you are interested in, and make the payments using the payment buttons on this page. Please contact us if you have questions ... over payments will be applied to upcoming courses.
Can't attend or missed a class? Register for a copy of the class Video!
(Additional Archive videos will be available to members in the future)

What courses would you like to register for???

Summer 2022   

Summer Consciousness Workshops - $35/$60 for all 3!

Prepare for workshops by creating a meditative space,

and bring a journal and art supplies note date change

  • June 19th - 5pm mt/4pm pt Active Imagination

  • July 17th - 5pm mt/4pm pt Invocational Writing

  • August 14th - 5pm mt/4pm pt The Higher Planes

Special Lecture Series –

Ancient Immortals 'The Human Potential Longevity Program' 

6 Class Program, Personal Consultation, program, Herbal tonic

Begins July 28th 2022, 10am-4pm MT      $400 All levels 

Energy * Healing * Consciousness Focus Group

Last Thursday of the month 7pm - 8pm (mt) (1hr - free event)

Advanced Energy Healing,  $100/80*

August 20th         Saturday  10am–2pm MT 

HSIF I & II Courses $240/200

September 24-25th       Saturday  10am–2pm MT 

Advanced Aka Dua Course, online $100/80*
October 22nd Saturday 10am-2pm (mt) 
Level 4 Refresher Course Higher Body Relay $240/200
December 3rd & 4th  Saturday/Sunday (Level 4 and above)

Past Advanced Health Lectures

Spring Cleaning for your Cells: Whole Body Detox

Contact us to view the Video, $40

Advanced CEU level Course –

The Endocrine System, part 1 - The Thyroid System

The Endocrine System, part 2 - Adrenals, Stress and Adaptation

Contact us to view the Video, $50

Consciousness Series –

The Collective Consciousness/Meet your Higher Mind

Contact us to view the Video, $30

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