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Anatomy of a Pandemic

How to analyze the world’s current events, stay sane and healthy, and not get taken in by the mainstream rhetoric.

By now, most of the world is convinced that humanity is facing a strange, new deadly virus called COVID-19, which stands for COrona-VIrus Disease-2019. They believe this is an incredibly dangerous and deadly virus, the likes of which we’ve never seen before, and we are all doomed. This, or some close variant thereof, is the rhetoric we are all seeing and hearing from the mainstream media and politicians the world over. We are hearing it directly from the mouths of the heads of, or the official spokespeople of, major national or world wide medical organizations, such as the WHO and the CDC. If all these important people and officials are saying the same thing, it must be true, right?

Maybe not. Perhaps we should not be so fast to jump on the fear and panic bandwagon, and maybe there are areas where we need to push back on those same authority figures and officials.

First of all, Corona viruses are in a category called RNA viruses – they borrow the RNA in the cells of the host organism so they can reproduce. RNA viruses mutate quickly, they may not be the same a year later. 20% of the cases of the common cold are caused by the Corona virus family. So, is this supposedly “new” virus actually a new virus? Possibly. It could have mutated naturally into an unexpectedly strong variant, or, it might be new because it was created in someone’s biowarfare lab. There is actually a great deal of speculation in the world wide media that this virus was created by China. Other speculation is that it was created in the US. Some speculation, for which there is some evidence, suggests this virus was created by combining a corona virus with the HIV virus.

In any event, however it was created, we now seem to have a new deadly virus on the loose. I emphasize the word “seem”, because when we compare the actual statistics to other viruses and other common and deadly infectious diseases, the data don’t add up. This corona virus just isn’t as deadly as the governments and health officials claim it is. Right now, the numbers are changing daily, but it appears that world wide, about 2.5 percent of people who catch the disease will actually die from it. The others will eventually recover. Hundreds of thousands have already recovered.

Of that 2.5 % who die, the vast majority – about 80-95 % - already had other serious illnesses which complicate the analysis. These include conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and others.

Comparing these numbers to the common, seasonal flu, we find that on average, the annual number of flu cases, world wide, is about 5 million, of which 650,000 die. This computes to a 13% death rate. In other words, the common flu is about 6 times more deadly that this corona virus has been so far. Yet, we’ve never seen any similar panic, lockdowns, or quarantines for the common flu.

The only conclusion that can be drawn from this is that the true statistics are not being accurately represented by the media or by the officials. Instead, fear, panic and totalitarian control measures are being enforced for reasons not related to public health. There are many writers, bloggers, vloggers and podcasters out there who are speculating as to the real reasons “why” this is being done. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that. What I intend to focus on, however, is why this obvious fear-based propaganda has been so successful.

Basically, this type of fear campaign has been successful only because it was preceded by a long period of watering down of our educational system. By long, I mean several decades. We now have several generations of Americans out there with no clue as to how their bodies work, and what is required to keep themselves healthy.

When I was in practice, I once had a patient come to me for a very common mix of digestive issues combined with adrenal burnout – all side effects of a stressful job, a stressful commute, and a primarily fast-food diet. Within about 2-3 months, this individual had completely recovered, by teaching about healthy food, adrenal gland support, stress management and exercise. The response was “wow, this was easy; I should have been able to figure this out on my own!”

That encounter really got me to thinking, and I eventually came to the conclusion that at least one third of what I did in my practice as a holistic, natural doctor, really fell into the category of common sense eating and lifestyles. Eat your vegetables. Get regular sleep. Exercise. In my days growing up, these were the things our grandparents and parents told us and taught us. The whole family practiced them. The whole family was largely healthy.

We used to get basic training in junior high and high school about health, anatomy, physiology and our immune systems. The first lectures I heard on how the immune system operates weren’t in medical school. They weren’t even in undergraduate pre-med classes, they were in high school.

I learned that the immune system was highly adaptable. It operated by identifying anything that wasn’t part of our own bodies and targeted those foreign invaders for destruction by other white cells. I learned about our lymphatic system and lymph nodes. I learned that sugar was the worst thing you could consume for your immune system.

Talking to most people I know, especially those younger than I am by a generation or two, and most seem to have no idea about any of this. The go forth, happily eating their fast food and sugar-laden beverages several times a day, and wonder why they get sick repeatedly.

What our society needs, RIGHT NOW, is a massive increase in the true knowledge of our bodies; how they really work, and how to keep them healthy. The basics of this I cover in my book, Heal Your Life, Heal the World. Do your family a favor, and read this book, implement the changes, and stop listening to the propaganda for how to stay healthy.

Knowledge and education have always been the only cure available for ignorance. Educate yourselves, your family and friends. If you are in a position to talk with officials, call them on the rhetoric. if you are working in the media, time to kick your professional efforts up a notch or three, and stop misleading the public. If you are a health provider or official of any type, shame on you if you haven’t been pushing back on the politicians.

For the rest of us, stay healthy, continue your learning, and start by reading my book, which includes an expose of other so called pandemics. I also discuss the details of how to exactly to prevent and treat common ailments like viruses.

Dr. Cage

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