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Health is not equal to Covid

Since late 2019 when the possibility of a “new” pandemic first started to make itself known to the world through the mainstream media, the world of “health care” and health care news has pretty maintained this single mono-focus: Covid-19.

Whether you are in the camp that truly believes the governments of the world have our best interests at heart, would never lie to us and the covid vaccinations are the only way to save humanity, or, if you are in the camp that has doubted the covid story from the beginning and think the covid vaccines are doing great harm, either way it has been very difficult to find anyone talking about anything else.

Long before covid hit the headlines, however, the health of most of the Western world has been in decline. Chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer are at all-time highs. The causes are the poor quality of our modern food supply – in some cases our “food” literally consists of industrial waste products; toxins and pollutants of all types: chemicals, electromagnetic radiation and nuclear radiation; and, the short term and long term damage being done to our immune systems by the side effects of both childhood and adult vaccinations.

The U.S. is ranked at the bottom of pretty much all health measures among developed countries, and getting worse each time new statistics come out. Meanwhile, the cost of healthcare in the US has gone up by 25% in that same 3-year span. Most definitely, we, the American public, are not getting our money’s worth!

So, for those of you still reading, you’ve probably correctly deduced that I am not going to be jumping on the covid bandwagon on either side of that fence in this short article/podcast. Instead, I am actually talking about health, and pointing you in the direction of actual, truthful, verifiable facts. You don’t need to take anything I tell you on faith – in fact I encourage you not to. Instead, use what I tell you as the basis for your own investigations. Research what I tell you, and then do the single most important batch of research possible…IMPLEMENT what I tell you and observe the positive impacts in your life.

Here in very late 2022, there are many slowly coming to the realization, as if waking from a trance, that we need to get back to work on the rest of the health situation. This is true of the general public, some health care professions and most other fields of endeavor. Politicians, pharmaceutical companies and the mainstream media, however, not so much.

NOW MORE THAN EVER, you are being placed in the position of needing to be responsible for you own health. You are at a point in time where you essentially need to become your own primary care physician.

I, along with many other natural health care providers, have long said that the best treatment for any condition is prevention. Here, by “prevention”, I mean you never get the illness in question. In the world of mainstream medicine, prevention means more and more expensive tests in a hope to “catch it early” (where “it” is any bad chronic illness of your choice”), so they can start “treatment” earlier.

After a few decades of this being the norm in the conventional medical world, the average lifespan is going down, not up. What IS going up, are health care costs!

The graphic I’ve included here shows the numbers in a very curious way. I’ve been tracking the cost of health care in the US compared to other countries quite a few years now. Our costs go up, and all the usual health care measures (life expectancy, infant mortality, maternal deaths during pregnancy or delivery for instance) get worse. The interesting chart I recently found plots average health care cost per person versus average life expectancy. The original chart looked at 1970 to 2018, and it was pretty dismal for the US. This was just prior to our covid situation onset.

Then, I got curious, so earlier this year (2022) I checked the statistics for 2021. Was I in for a shock. I only looked at three countries – The US, Switzerland and Japan. Why Switzerland and Japan, you ask? Simple – these are the two countries with the longest average life span in the world.

During the 3 years from 2018 to 2021, the bulk of the covid experience, US life expectancy dropped by 2 1/2 years. At the same time, Japan and Switzerland, the countries with the longest average lifespan on the planet, have seen their average age actually increase! No matter what the propaganda says, what the mainstream media says, no matter what our government spokes holes may say, the overall health in the US is bad and getting worse. Whatever we’re doing, it isn’t working. If we did nothing else except deliberately seek to emulate Japan and Switzerland, we would be doing much, much better.

I’ve actually investigated Japan and Switzerland in my Longevity program ( What we find is, there isn’t just one specific thing they do differently. They have an entirely different lifestyle! That, it turns out, is the key.

Reclaiming your health, taking charge of your own health care and that of your family, becoming your own doctor, in essence, means just about everything you do health related will change. In this case, change is a good thing. You will start shopping at different stores for your food, or possibly in different sections of the same store. You will make most of your meals at home. Attendance at restaurants will greatly diminish. Fast food will almost disappear entirely from your life. Even if you’ve never gardened before in your life, you may find yourself growing culinary herbs in pots on your windowsill. You may find yourself choosing to exercise or meditate, rather than watching television or going to movies. Books about health, longevity or spirituality might start sounding appealing.

Other side effects of your new lifestyle will probably include a LOT fewer trips to the doctor’s office. Your health care costs drop dramatically. You have more energy. You sleep better and awake refreshed.

If that sounds like something you are interested in, but you aren’t quite sure where to begin, that’s where I can help.

Step 1 is my book, “Heal Your Life, Heal the World” (

Step 2 is my Dr. Cage Says health education and membership service ( DESCRIPTION

When you’re tired and fed up with the misinformation and outright lies from the mainstream media and politicians, mainstream medicine and pharmaceutical companies, take charge of your own life.

This is Dr. Cage

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