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Immune boosting and anti-viral support

As world wide data starts to accumulate, it is showing that your own immune system is by far your best defense against the Corona Virus, any other virus and indeed, all potential pathogenic micro organisms. The following is a summary of the advice contained in my special broadcast of March 15, 2020. (view the broadcast here)

General Defenses

- avoid acid forming foods, especially sugars, starches and conventionally raised red meat

- keep your blood healthy

- regular exercise as a form of prevention (when sick – REST!)

- Regular, CONSISTENT use of nutritional supplements of the basic essential nutrients. Ch 2 in Heal Your Life book explains in detail why this is necessary

- Truly healthy food (not manufactured, industrial grade, food-like-substances

> no GMOs

> Sugar effect on Immune System

> red meat confusion (Weston Price data) Grass fed beef and red meat is high in omega oils and boosts the immune system.

- Avoid toxins (total toxic load)

Some of the best general immune stimulants

1) Vitamin C, Vitamin C, Vitamin C

> general strong boost for all aspects of immunity

> supports adrenal gland and body’s ability to adapt to stressors

> can safely dose up to bowel tolerance in acute cases

2) Vitamin A, fat soluble form, (Retinol). Beta Carontene or “dry A”, body has a mechanism to limit absorption from GI tract. Especially for Anti-viral properties. 5,000 IU max if pregnant (though the science associating it with potential birth defects is EXTREMELY poor. 50,000-100,000 IU if not pregnant.

3) Selenium. a trace mineral 200-400 mcg per day. Strong history of association with being anti-viral

4) Zinc. Anti viral. 50-100 mg per day


Echinacea if not blood type “O”

Golden Seal

Oregon Grape root

Pau D’Arco


Siberian Ginseng


colloidal silver


- avoid refined sugars

- avoid dairy products in acute phase (mucous)

- avoid alcohol (sugar, immune suppressant)

- avoid coffee (acidifying)


- Naturopathic physicians

- Oriental Medicine practitioners (herbalists, acupuncturists)

- Homeopaths (historically, homeopathy has been 10X to 100X more effective at treating and preventing epidemic illnesses than whatever the conventional forms of treatment have been at each historical period. (ch the book for many examples.)

- Any other health practitioner who is trained, and practices, holistically (MD, DO, DC, NP, PA). You may find terms such as Biological Medicine, Functional medicine, etc.

Stay healthy everyone!

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