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Meet Your Immune System

We begin today's blog with a hypothetical conversation between the Angels, and the Creator.

ANGELS: But CREATOR, are you sure you want to send your newly created humans down to that Earth planet? Things are crazy there, it's dangerous!

CREATOR: What do you mean, dangerous?

ANGELS: Well, look at all the giant creatures that are there. Lions, Tigers, Bears!

CREATOR: Lions and Tigers and Bears? Oh My!

ANGELS: Yes! Not to mentions wolves and giant snakes, huge fish with sharp teeth that might even swallow someone whole!

CREATOR: A fish swallowing someone whole? I doubt that would ever happen. Still, I did give them opposable thumbs. They will be able to make tools to defend themselves. They might even end up eating those dangerous creatures you just mentioned.

ANGELS: Well, okay, so there is the opposable thumb thing. But what about all the tiny creatures?

CREATOR: What tiny creatures are you referring to? I don't think mice and squirrels will be much of a threat to the humans.

ANGELS: No, not them, the really little ones! Those single celled creatures, what do you call them again?

CREATOR: Oh, you mean the bacteria?

ANGELS: Yes, that's them. And those virus things, and the molds and funguses, and so forth. What about them? Are opposable thumbs going to protect against something too small for your humans to see?

CREATOR: Not to worry. I gave them an immune system!

ANGELS: Say what? An…..a what kind of system?

CREATOR: I-M-M-U-N-E system. It is a complex and very elegant collections of functions contained in multiple organs and glands, that will specifically defend them against any kind of those tiny invaders that want to eat them. In fact, every time they use the immune system, it gets stronger and better able to defend them. Not only that, once the immune system sees one type of those tiny creatures one time, it will remember it and that same type of creature won't be able to attack them again. Yes, the Immune system; one of my better works actually.

ANGELS: But what about plagues? We know you're sending plagues down there at different times.

CREATOR: Don't worry about the plagues. If the humans are living cleanly in harmony with the laws of nature, they will be eating healthy food and their immune system will even protect them against plagues.

Long story short, over the concerns of some of the Angels, here we are. Humans living on a crazy planet with our opposable thumbs, able to make tools and manipulate our world. We even have an immune system designed to protect us from microscopic creatures that want to eat us.

This fact, the immune system portion, seems to be forgotten, or maybe deliberately ignored these heady days, here in early 2022. The real SCIENCE of the immune system, however, has been well known – more than 100 years now.

There are a number of things we can do to help make our immune system stronger. Foods, nutrients, plant-based medicines, and others. I remember the first time I ever heard of Echinacea. That is pretty much a household name these days, but back last century, not so well known. I tried it and it worked fabulously. Friends tried it, and it didn't work at all for them. Many years later, while in Naturopathic medical school, I learned that as good as it is for boosting the immune system for most people, it doesn't work at all for those with blood type O. If you happen to be blood type O, and need to boost your immune system, don't bother with Echinacea.

Likewise, there are a number of methods you might use to turn off your immune system. Probably not deliberately, of course, but if you frequently find yourself getting sick, it might be something you eat that is turning off your immune system.

When I analyze the world, here in early 2022, I realize that one of the most important things the world needs is accurate information about the immune system. To meet this need I am offering a class: A Healthy Immune System for the New Year. The date will be February 5th, 2022. The early registration deadline for 20% discount is January 22nd.

What are we covering in this class? Some of the subjects include:

- The history of infectious disease and how we learned to deal with them

- The different categories of pathogens (bacteria, molds, viruses, etc.)

- The Immune Organs and how it works

- Foods and Nutrients to boost your immune system

- Substances that hurt your immune system

- Specific plans for different types of pathogens

The full course description and registration link are HERE

Designed for the whole family, and presented in a technically accurate yet easy to understand manner. Do yourself, your friends and family a favor, and become more knowledgeable about your immune system!

Dr. Cage

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