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Science and Politics Don’t Mix!

Where do you turn for help when the virtually the entire, worldwide politico-medical system has flunked Corona virus?

Mounting evidence is starting to show that the corona virus situation is far different than what the governments, health agencies and the media are telling you it is. While there may in fact be a new virus on the loose, a number of doctors around the world are reporting that this corona virus infection behaves as if more than one pathogenic organism may be at work in these cases. Depending on how these multiple organisms behave in each person exposed, we might see very different responses.

What is also obvious is that governments everywhere are using this opportunity to implement rather extreme social control measures, many of which are obviously unrelated to health in any way. Some of these were already in work and preparation for months, possibly years, prior to the announcement of the new quarantine measures.

My position, which I’ve stated in previous blogs and on videos (see the links elsewhere on this page) is very briefly summarized as follows:

- This infection is nowhere near as virulent as the authorities are making it out to be. Statistical data confirm this, as the annual “seasonal” flu causes deaths at a rate approximately 4-5 times higher than this corona virus is reported to be causing deaths.

- The death rate of this infection is being artificially manipulated to appear worse than it really is, by counting deaths from other causes as corona virus. The rate of deaths from the Flu, Pneumonia, even heart disease have all plummeted the past 2 months, as people dying from other causes are having death certificates altered to make the corona virus appear worse than it is.

- At the present time, we really don’t have any valid data on how many corona virus cases there actually are, nor how many people have actually died from the corona virus itself. There is evidence that the number of actual cases is probably higher than reported, as many people are believed to have encountered the virus and their immune systems dealt with it appropriately, as our immune systems are intended to do. Likewise, the number of actual deaths is far less than reported, and eventually, we will be able to perform a statistical analysis to extract deaths from other causes from the corona virus numbers, and then recompute a corona virus death rate that will be far more accurate, and far lower, than what is currently being reported.

- The corona virus is actually easily treatable through a variety of means, which I will discuss later on in this blog. Both conventional medicine methods, and a variety of natural, wholistic methods, have been proving effective around the world. There is absolutely no need to panic about the corona virus; just stop listening to mainstream media, and start listening to the large numbers of wholistic doctors who are successfully treating this mix of illnesses.

- Most of the worldwide lockdown measures are un-necessary. They are causing more harm, to both the economy and to our health, than they are good.

This is the “Cliff’s Notes” version of my overall stance on the corona virus situation. I no longer refer to it as a pandemic, because it isn’t one. You can start to understand my position, and why I come to these conclusions, by evaluating the major influences of what I have studied and learned over the last 30 years or so of my professional life. The rest of this blog is a presentation of the pertinent influences that lead me to this conclusion.

The leading conventional medical professional agency in the US is the American Medical Association, or AMA. The AMA was founded for the sole, express purpose of finding ways to deal with the perceived threats and loss of business being experienced in the late 1800s by the conventional physicians, called the Regulars, because of the competition they were experiencing from doctors who practiced Homeopathy. I’ll have more to say about Homeopathy in just a bit; for now, I want to establish the fact that, through its entire history, the AMA has existed solely to combat other systems of medicine that were getting better results and having more effective outcomes, than whatever methods were being used by the Regulars, which today we call conventional medicine. Keep in mind, that if Homeopaths or any other field of medicine were getting worse results, there would have been no reason to organize a national association to fight them.

The full story of the history of Homeopathy vs. the AMA is contained in a book entitled “Divided Legacy” by Harris Coulter. It is a four-volume set, and very thoroughly presents this history of the divisions in medical thought.

The next major influence I wish to present is the fact that vaccinations and false epidemics, or rather, manufactured epidemics, have been a part of the conventional medical propaganda and profit machine for more than 100 years now. The first, and still most deadly, was the so called 1918 “Spanish Flu” epidemic. In her book “Swine Flu Exposé”, author Eleanora McBean dedicates a chapter to establishing the fact that there was no Spanish Flu, and the so called epidemic was actually a horrible series of vaccine side effects. I discuss this in much more depth in my book, Heal Your Life, Heal the World.

The 1976 Swine Flu pandemic was even more blatantly fabricated, as the events that precipitated the nation wide vaccine campaign, which in turn caused an epidemic of guillain-barre syndrome, were in fact caused by the death of one, lone US army soldier, who died during a night time forced march. This was after signing himself out of the hospital against medical advice, after having been stricken with flu-like symptoms following a round of vaccinations. The cover story was that the form of Swine Flu was believed to be closely related to the Spanish Flu of 1918, which we now know didn’t exist. When the 1976 Swine Flu vaccine finally hit the market some months later, there had been no additional cases and still only the one death. A complete discussion of this event is also included in my book, Heal Your Life, Heal the World.

In this blog today, I mention these historical events – one about 100 years ago and one almost 50 – to establish in your mind the fact that creating a fear of a pandemic has been part of the conventional medical system’s playbook for a long time. By the time you finish reading Chapter 7 of my book, I suspect you will have arrived at the same point I have, where I am highly suspicious and very cautious about anything coming out of the mouths of the supposedly “scientific” conventional medical system and the pharmaceutical industry.

Throw in all the conversations I’ve had over the years with conventional medical doctors who are in complete denial of established biological facts, lab directors who won’t run tests because the pharmaceutical companies don’t have drugs to treat the illness if they find it, to doctors telling me that amputating perfectly good organs should be done because they “might get sick later”, and you will hopefully start to recognize that most of the conventional medical world is (a) not behaving in a scientific manner, (b) has a long history of manufacturing fears of epidemics for profit, (c) deliberately allowing people to die, to further this illusion.

Now, consider that, as soon as this fear and panic of the corona virus is firmly in place, as evidenced by the government crackdowns, closing of businesses, travel restrictions, and so forth, where are people mostly turning to for someone to save them? That’s right, to the same abomination of a politico-medical system that created this mess in the first place, and has proven at every step of the way in this corona virus fiasco that they can’t be trusted.

So, what can you trust?

With our whole world obsessed with science these days, let’s take a look at the actual science behind what really works to get sick people better. We’ll start with Homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine invented by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann in the late 1700s. I discuss homeopathy at length in another blog here, as well as in my book, Heal Your Life, Heal the World.

A question I pose in that previous blog is: “If health is the goal, why does the conventional medical world fail to embrace the immediate and ongoing use of homeopathic treatment?” A very good question. Historically, homeopathic treatment yields a death rate during epidemics that averages about one tenth the death rate of conventional medicine, and has been doing so for more than 200 years.

Furthermore, the field of homeopath invented the concept of drug trials – about 150 years before the pharmaceutical industry finally consented to performing tests on their medications in the mid 1900s. Every homeopathic medicine in use has been tested. The pharmaceutical industry, meanwhile, continues to push for less testing rather than more.

Nutrition and Essential Nutrients. Research in the early 1900s, more than 100 years ago now, began establishing that certain chronic illnesses were cause by deficiencies of certain factors in foods. Testing showed that these factors were either minerals, or substances of a more complex structure we now call Vitamins, as well as certain protein building blocks called Amino Acids, and particular fats. As a group, we now refer to this collection of substances as the Essential Nutrients, because they are essential for the proper operation of our bodies, and, our bodies’ biochemistry cannot make them from other raw materials. Every essential nutrient has been established in this way for about 100 years.

In particular, the substance we now call Vitamin C, has been demonstrated to be instrumental for many of our body’s systems, but especially our immune system. It was considered so important, that the eventual discovery of the structure of the Vitamin C molecule resulted in a Nobel Prize for Albert Szent-Györgyi in 1937. In more modern times, Thomas Levy has published a book called “Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Disease and Toxins”, in 2002. In it, he demonstrates that intravenous delivery of Vitamin C can cure just about every infectious illness we know of, including many far more virulent than the corona virus. This textbook should become the new playbook for any hospital, clinic or doctor everywhere in the world who purports to be practicing scientific medicine during this corona virus situation.

Additionally, numerous other essential nutrients have been shown to successfully treat viruses and other infections. Vitamins A and D, and the minerals Selenium and Zinc are at the top of the list.

Traditional Herbal Medicines, both “western” herbs from the European and North American traditions, as well as Asian herbs, South American Herbs and African herbs, all have long histories of successfully treating infectious diseases. The various herbs are too numerous to mention. In China, there are many reports of practitioners using traditional Chinese herbs to successfully treat the corona virus. In many cases, in every category of herbs (Western, Chinese, etc.) many of these herbs have been documented for several thousands of years. Modern scientific inquiry over the last 75 years or so has started accumulating scientific evidence on thousands of herbs. A very quick search on Pub Med’s section for free, full text articles ( shows more than 11,000 references in the literature for just the herb Astragalus, a traditional Chinese herbs with strong, proven anti-viral properties.

Conventional Pharmaceuticals. What’s that, you ask? I’m talking about the science of natural, wholistic medicines and here comes something about pharmaceutical drugs? Well, most of what I’m saying in this blog is about natural medicine, because my focus is on delivering what famed journalist Paul Harvey would have called “the REST of the story”. However, this also includes the off-label use of many prescription drugs. A drug may get approved for a certain condition, but over the years, data accumulates that it serendipitously can also help other diseases or conditions. This is the case of Chloroquine – a malaria drug that seems to be helping the severe cases of corona virus induced respiratory problems. The drug is proven, it is safe when used properly, and arguing about whether or not it has been tested for this condition (it hasn’t), when it is being used daily to help save the worst cases, does no one any good and is costing lives.

Basic Common Sense Health Care

Rest when you don’t feel well. Eat healthy ALL THE TIME! Wash your hands appropriately. Help those in need. Take your nutrients consistently. Stay informed and be aware, and don’t fall for the propaganda. The best textbook for how to live healthy is the one I’ve written summarizing my 20 plus years in natural medicine, Heal Your Life, Heal the World. It contains information on the theory and practical application of how to be healthy, and why you should.


Watch for more blogs and videos in the future on specifics. I am starting a series of short videos on different aspects of keeping yourself healthy.

Dr. Cage

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