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The Rise of Alternative Media and Health

Bloggers and podcasters have "suddenly" become the most sought after source of information about health. This situation has developed over that last 5-10 years as it has become increasingly obvious to just about everyone that conventional news sources – newspapers, radio, television, magazines – are unreliable. The term Fake News became popular when it was increasingly apparent that the mainstream media was deliberately wrong. Videos on popular video sharing websites show newscasters from all over the country repeating the same script. All the major media sources are controlled by just 6 companies nationwide.

Technology, meanwhile, has developed to the point where just about anyone with a desire to do so can launch their own news program. The two most common are posting of videos to an ever growing number of video platforms, and podcasting – the internet equivalent of radio. Various podcast sharing services exist, and episodes are downloadable directly into your computer or phone or other handheld device.

The technology to record and share information is actually quite simple. It can be done with nothing more than your smart phone. I'm no different. I have this blog, (blog = modern equivalent of a newspaper), as well as a podcast, and will be posting a variety of videos very soon.

All I use to record and share this information is my laptop and an external webcam.

The technology is now simple and relatively low cost. Anyone can say and post just about anything, and believe me, they do. QUALITY of the content becomes key. Not all podcasters or video channels on video platforms are equal.

Keep in mind, that this explosion of new information sources has occurred because mainstream media has flunked their journalistic responsibility. Due diligence such as verifying information from multiple sources, not publishing or airing something unless it is verified, and remaining neutral, vs. pushing a specific agenda. In the "olden days", journalistic ethics were taught in journalism school, and ruthlessly enforced by editors everywhere. When the Watergate incident occurred which ultimately led to the resignation of then-President Nixon, the story was delayed because editors required reporters to do their journalistic duty.

Now, reporters, editors and media outlet owners seem to be specifically following a plan of NOT doing so, and instead promote one side or another of the political issue of the day. This form of journalism is no longer journalism. We are firmly immersed in the modern world of propaganda.

IF you truly desire accurate information about your health or consciousness or any related field, the truth IS out there. Some searching on your part is required. Be sure to check the credentials of the person putting out the information. Do YOUR due diligence and research the content of the information being shared. I'll use myself as a quick example. To check my credentials, you can view my biography here. Many of the facts I'm sharing are based on the research I did for my book, Heal Your Life, Heal the World. Each chapter has a list of references. Feel free to check everything I tell you. In fact, I encourage you to do so, as MY goal is to raise the health and consciousness of all of humanity. At least, enough of humanity that it will make a difference in our human collective consciousness field, which in turn will enable us to upgrade our quality of life and continue the development of the human race.

Yes, I know, that sounds all grand and glorious, but we live in a time where civilization appears to be on a course to completely crash and burn. Please consider, however, that the only thing that has a chance of altering our apparent trajectory is a change in our human consciousness. This means a new paradigm. Paradigms can and do change. 530 years ago everyone in Europe KNEW the earth was flat. That was the flat earth paradigm. Now, everyone knows the earth is spherical, (except for a few poor souls who have fallen for the CIA propaganda to reintroduce this theory as a major distraction or worse). That is another story for another day.

New paradigms, new changes in consciousness only work when we aren't in survival mode continuously. The require humanity to be working together. We must be healthy enough that the brainwave frequencies we use are able to synergistically multiply the effects of our consciousness field. This in turn, requires our physical bodies – the host of our higher consciousness – to be optimally healthy.

If you wish to dwell on the conspiracies, then mine isn’t the blog/podcast/website you probably want to focus on. There are hundreds if not thousands out there that will give you more information than you could possibly want. All I will say about the "conspiracy theory" stuff, is that the vast majority have been proven true. My focus is on building a new model for humanity that makes the old models obsolete. We start with our physical health, then move into mental/emotional health, energetic and spiritual health, collective health, collective consciousness. I view my work as "what to do when you are ready for the next steps." The best response to the mainstream media propaganda, and the agenda behind it, is simply to get yourself healthy so you can actually work for something better, and make that agenda obsolete.

If this interests you, the process of actually creating a better world, as opposed to merely complaining about the old one, here we go:

- My Blog (I think you already found it, because you're reading it)

Famed martial artist Bruce Lee once said "Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, and add what is uniquely your own." This is exactly what I am doing, and I encourage you to do the same.

Dr. Cage

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