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How does one teach the public about true health, when the modern mass media is telling you the opposite on just about every subject? This is the dilemma I’ve been facing for several decades now.

On subjects as basic as food and nutrition, news stories will lead with headlines such as “Is Organic Produce Safe?” Think about the implications of the subtle messages that delivers. First, it implies that non organic food IS safe, and that organic food is trying to catch up. It is suggesting that there is something different about the way organic food is produced that might be suspect, might not be healthy. The article may go on to discuss the subject of organic standards, testing and certification of farms and processing plants, how there aren’t enough inspectors to be “really sure” and other similar logistical issues.

What they won’t tell you in such an article is the non-organic food, conventionally grown food, has even fewer standards! There are few inspections required. They won’t tell you that the food testing part of the industry has really been turned upside down.

There is an underlying message that the only way to health is through modern “scientific” medicine, as delivered by the conventional medical system. Yet the track record of conventional medicine is dismal. Chronic diseases are now epidemic. Diabetes is on the rise, as are heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and many others. In the US, our average life expectancy has been decreasing the last several years. Rates of infertility are rising. The US now ranks 46th in the world for life expectancy, 54th in infant mortality, and 54th in the category of maternal deaths during childbirth. These are some of the major measures of the whole health of a population. If this is what our modern, scientific conventional system of health care can offer, it is definitely time we re-examine how we do health care.

The key answer is, you must educate your self. Learn about health. Learn how to care for yourself. Learn about exactly what it takes to be healthy. In order to do this, listen to the people you know who don’t get sick. Who do you know who is constantly full of vibrant energy and always seems to be on the go? The sad truth is, that pharmaceutical companies have an awful lot of influence on what you see and hear in every media outlet. People who have a vested interest in you being sick, simply won’t teach you how to be healthy.

It is your job to learn that.

Dr. Cage

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