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Your Fastest Way to Bad Health

When I have taught college physics, on the first day of the semester I usually started the class by giving the students a checklist for "how to flunk physics". The reason being, physics has a reputation for being hard, mathematically difficult, and students are nervous, stressed and scared they might flunk. So I tell them, here is a way to guarantee you will flunk, so all the stress is gone because if you follow the instructions you will flunk, so just sit back, relax and enjoy the class, sure in the knowledge that your failing grade is certain. The list, of course included things like don't read the textbook, don't take notes, don't do the homework or lab assignments, and so on. By the time I got through the list, they were usually laughing, realizing I was really teaching them how to pass physics, if they did the opposite of the checklist.

In that vein, I'm going to talk about how to guarantee a slow, painful life, compounded by chronic disease, leading to a slow agonizing death.

In my most recent blog, I brought up the subject of paradigms - those collective beliefs of a culture that are so entrenched and assumed to be correct, they are never questioned. Perhaps you've heard of a few, such as the earth is flat, mankind will never build a machine that flies, smoking cigarettes is good for you, and everything you read in the newspaper or on the internet is true.

The so called "health" paradigm currently prevalent in the US, and much of the Western "civilized" world, is that lifespans are short, 75-80 years or so, and during the last 20 years give or take you will be beset with agonizing chronic diseases as your joints fall apart, your heart and brain start to fail, and eventually if you live long enough you will be beset with one or more cancers that slowly rot your body until you mercifully die. This paradigm is such that hospitals and doctors often won't even treat someone over 80 who has an illness, like heart disease, cancer or even serious infections, because they'll probably die of something else soon anyway. I've had more than a few friends and relatives with elderly family members who were told exactly that.

All false paradigms are eventually broken when someone, a dangerous radical often referred to as a free spirit, decides to step outside the box and comes up with something new. Flying machines, for example, came about because the brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright finally applied critical thought to the process, observed birds and correctly deduced that there were actually three separate physics problems they had to solve: Lift, Thrust, and Control. Whereas previous attempts tried to simply mimic a bird by building a machine whose wings flapped, the Wrights broke it down into separate pieces of technology for each problem. Lift was solved with the cross sectional shape of their wings, thrust was solved with a gasoline engine connected to propellers, and control was solved with maneuverable flight control surfaces such as rudders and elevators. Modern aircraft are basically still using these same principles the Wrights introduced to the world back in 1903, the very same year, ironically, that the New York Times published an article declaring that it would take mankind at least one million years to develop a flying machine.

There is in fact quite a bit of evidence pointing to the fact that the modern "health" paradigm is blatantly wrong. People can and are living much longer than the 75-80 years that is the current US average (and dropping rapidly, by the way). People are staying healthy past 100, with no cancer, no heart disease, their minds, memories and cognitive functions all intact, no joint replacements - just healthy, long-lived people in other words.

The conventional health model is fond of complimenting itself, bragging actually, about how much progress they've made, citing data from about 200 years ago on how much our lifespans have increased from the 45-50 years back then. Before our conventional health paradigm breaks its arms patting itself on the back, however, there is a bit more data we need to analyze.

200-400 years ago was the height of the Infectious Disease era. Tuberculosis, smallpox, cholera and others were the leading causes of death. If someone survived infancy and childhood, ages in the 70s-90s were actually common. It was the dreaded infant mortality that pulled the numbers down.

The conventional medical fields of that day, however, had little to do with the near eradication of those disease. It was sanitation and hygiene that led the charge. Plumbers, not physicians, were the profession that get the most credit for ending that era of infectious diseases. Innovations like separating sewage from drinking water, and not dumping your chamber pots onto the streets and sidewalks below were some of the radical, "outside the box" thinking that saved the day.

Furthermore, there is other data supporting the notion that in the past, there were many people who lived extremely long lives in good health, some of them 2-4 times our current average. We have actual data, meaning birth records and death records, of people living anywhere from 120 up to 256 years. No, that isn't a typographical error; I really meant to write two hundred and fifty six years old.

We really do need to do some paradigm busting. The modern so-called "health" paradigm has almost nothing to do with health. Let's call it what it is - a Disease Paradigm. As promised, if you want to guarantee a short life with a slow, agonizing death, the process is pretty simple. Just follow the modern, conventional medical systems "standards of care" right into an early grave. There, I've met my obligation with this blog, wherein I promised I would teach you how to do that.

IF, however, like my physics students of days gone by (who didn't want to flunk, and decided to violate my "how to flunk physics" checklist), you would like to try something radically different and live a long, healthy life outside the box, I suppose you're looking for a different checklist.

If you are in this category of seekers after long life and health, guess what? I have your checklist.

Starting in July, I am initiating a 6 month long program on Human Potential and Longevity. This is based on my research into historical evidence of long-lived, healthy populations, as well as the best of modern science. This program is the culmination (so far) of my work in natural health, energy healing, martial arts, spirituality and human consciousness. I can't guarantee you'll live to 256 or beyond. Likewise, I won't be telling you that is impossible.

We, the human race, have all the knowledge we need to live healthy lives far beyond our current average. It is simply a matter of you making a choice to do so.

You can read a description of the course here:

Stay tuned to this website, this blog, and follow me on social media (FB, LinkedIn) for more details. You can expect to hear a great deal more from me on this topic very soon.

To get started ahead of time, of course I recommend my book, Heal Your Life, Heal the World. In fact, Chapter 11, Case Studies in Wholism, contains a case study on longevity which gives a nice introduction to some of the concepts we'll be covering in this course.

Please, for you and your familiy, read my book, and join my online community. See you in the Longevity Program.

Dr. Cage

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