Your Immune System

and the Truth About Pandemics

This page and the video it links to date from March 2020, right as the Covid situation was starting to ramp up, and cities states and countries worldwide were locking down.  It was an attempt to educate the public about your immune systems and present valid information that wasn't getting a fair hearing in the mainstream media. This information, will hopefully empower everyone who watches it, and instill common sense, logic and scientific facts back into the covid conversation, where they are sorely lacking. This video still serves that purpose, and a few statistics aside, this information is still valid a year later.


Special Live Broadcast with Dr. Cage, this Sunday, March 15, 2020


Pandemic.  We’ve heard that word a lot lately, but what exactly is a pandemic?  Should you jump on the Propaganda/Fear Bandwagon and behave as if the world was ending?  Or, is there a more sane, logical, factual and science-based approach to what is going on in the world these days?


Dr. Arlan Cage, retired Naturopathic Physician, retired Acupuncturist, Consciousness researcher and author, talks about the facts, not the politically-motived talking points intended to disrupt, confuse and terrify.  What exactly is a virus?  How is it different than other micro organisms like bacteria?  How does your Immune system operate and how does it keep you safe from disease-causing germs.  What can and should you be doing right now to keep yourself and family safe?


All this, and more will be presented in this special, live Youtube broadcast, which will also give you an opportunity to ask questions of an expert in holistic and natural medicine. 




Dr. Cage is the author of “Heal Your Life, Heal the World: Establishing Health as a prerequisite for accomplishing your true spiritual purpose in life” .  This book is available on this website.



This Sunday, March 15, 2020

7 pm Pacific Daylight Time

Dr. Cage Youtube Channel