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Spring 2022 Calendar of Events

Spring 2022 Calendar of Events

(Mountain time/Pacific time)                                                                                        * Patreon discount/Early Bird Discount

April 2022

7th-9th Th-Sat              Firm Foundation Expo, Layton UT (Lectures ‘free’ with admission to the conference)

                                      Consciousness & Human Potential Lecture (Fri. 4/8, 10 am)

                                       Immunity and Your Health Lecture (Sat. 4/9. 12 noon)

14th - Th 7pm/6pm       Core Health Lecture – Spring Cleaning for your Cells: Whole Body Detox (2hrs)  $80*/64 ebd

21st  - Th 7pm/6pm      Consciousness Workshop– The Collective Consciousness (2hrs)                           $80*/64 ebd

23rd - Sat 10am/9am   Emergency Preparedness Fair – ‘live’ Chubbuck ID (videos available after event) (free event)

28th - Th 7pm/6pm      Energy * Healing * Consciousness Focus Group (1hr)                                                 (free event)

30th - Sat 10am/9am   Advanced CEU level Course – The Thyroid System (4hrs)                                        $100*/84 ebd


May 2022                *(Please notes Date and time changes)

14th - Sat 10am/9am    Consciousness Workshop– Meet your Higher Mind (4hrs)                                        $100*/84 ebd

21st - Sat 10am-noon     Core Health Lecture – Adrenals, Stress and Adaptation (2hrs)                                 $80*/64 ebd

26th - Th 7pm/6pm      Energy * Healing * Consciousness Focus Group (1hrs)                                               (free event)


June 2022

2nd - Th 7pm/6pm      Energy * Healing * Consciousness Focus Group (1hr)                                                 (free event)

11th -  Sat 10am/9am   Energy Workshop - Aka Dua Level 3 – TEACH Initiation and Class (4hrs)                $500/460 ebd

                                     (must hold L2) Current L3’s - course only $200. (can be repeated for $50)             $200*/160 ebd

18th - Sat 10am/9am   Energy Workshop - Qigong Clinic – (4hr Intensive training)                                       $46 (all)

25th - Sat 10am/9am  Special Lecture Series – The Human Potential Longevity Program Intro  (2hrs)      $80*/64 ebd

                                     Early Bird Discounts (ebd) 20% off when paid in full 2 weeks in advance

                                     *(classes included or discounted with the Patreon Membership.  L3 Initiation $300, no discount)

Dr. Cage Says Weekly Events (All Events on-line)

Monday - 7pm/6pm         Toltec Discussions (free) (contact goldeneaglediscourses@gmail.com)

Tuesday - 10am/9am       Qigong - Beginners/Warm-up 10am mt/9am pt, Regular class 10:30am/9:30**

Wednesday - 7pm/6pm   Book of the Moon/study groups (free) (contact goldeneaglediscourses@gmail.com)

Thursday - 7pm/6pm        Energy * Healing * Consciousness Focus Groups (free): Core Health Lectures (see prices)

Friday - 7pm/6pm             Qigong - Beginners/Warm-up 7pm mt/6pm pt, Regular class 7:30pm/6:30pm**

Saturday - 10am/9am       Special events and advanced courses (2-6hrs) (see prices and dates)

Sunday - 5pm mt/4pm     Energy and Consciousness Practice - open to all levels (1.5hrs) (free)

                                **Qigong classes are $25 per month/twice per week - Tuesday AM and Friday PM. (1.5hrs)

                                Contact Sensei Cage at drcagesays@gmail.com *(included with Patreon)