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Dr. Cage Says ... Consciousness Series

The Collective Consciousness and Meet Your Higher Mind Videos $40 Intro Special!


Greetings Friends,

Dr. Cage’s work in Consciousness development is the key to success in all areas of your personal life and professional work, as well as developing specific techniques for healing and spiritual work.  The Consciousness Series begins with broader concepts for those just learning about consciousness work and will advance to specific practical work that develop and expand our ability to make clear consciousness decisions, set specific intents, hold our 2nd and 3rd attention, bringing about greater results in all that we apply ourselves to. 

The Collective Consciousness and Meet Your Higher Mind are the introduction to this series and will be combined with the beginning practical exercises to engage in this work.  You may have been exposed to some of these concepts in other aspects of Dr. Cage’s work such as Invocational Writing and exploration of the higher planes, however the consciousness series focuses specifically on the development of these skills which can then be applied to various aspects of your life and work.

We are offering a special introduction to this series and hope you will invite your friends and colleagues who may be interested in these concepts. 


The Introduction classes are available on video

The Collective Consciousness (part 1)

Meet your Higher Mind (part 2), both Videos $40

Note date and time change, Sundays at 5pm mt/4pm pt

Summer Consciousness Workshops - $35/$60 for all 3!

Prepare for workshops by creating a meditative space,

and bring a journal and art supplies

  • June 19th -5pm mt/4pm pt Active Imagination

  • July 17th --5pm mt/4pm pt Invocational Writing and Creating

  • August 14th - -5pm mt/4pm pt Exploring the Higher Planes

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