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Dr. Cage Says ...
           Public videos, free of charge

The videos on this page are free of charge and open to the public.  These constitute a public service for the future of humanity.  If you  find these videos helpful and useful, donations are gratefully accepted

Health Care for When the Power Goes Out. How to prepare yourself for taking care of many medical problems at home when resources may be cut off for a time

Diabetes, Syndrome X and Modern Myths of Blood Sugar Control. Contrary to what you will here in the conventional medical system, the prevention and reversal of Type II Diabetes is possible, and a straightforward process.

The Big Three. First Thursday presentation from March 2024.  The three major causes of the modern ill health epidemic.

Practical Home Health Care. Many, many areas of health care can, and should, be taken care of at home.  From simple infections and keeping your immune system strong, to growing your own nutrients, this video covers what you should treat at home, and what you should not and when to seek a doctor's assistance or head to the ER.

Introduction to Immune Systems.  A crucial batch of information about your immune system and how to keep it strong. Foods, nutrients, herbs, homeopathic and how to treat the basics at home. From the 1st Thursday lecture series.​

Healthy Holidays. How to enjoy your favorite holiday foods, and still keep your health and immune systems strong​​​

If you appreciate the work of  Dr. Cage Says, we gratefully accept donations
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