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Dr. Cage Says ... Weight loss Program

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Food Quality

Adverse Food Reactions


Key Nutrients




Caloric Balance




Thyroid System


Body Temperature

Reproductive Hormones

Hypothalamic Set Point

Blood Sugar 


Environmental Toxins



The Weight loss Puzzle Video series is suitable for Individuals and Practitioners attempting to puzzle out the many contributing factors of Body Mass influences, and narrow down the specific program for their individual situation... This is a comprehensive discussion of the many considerations necessary in obtaining and maintaining an ideal health and fitness program.  After learning about the factors which effect you or your clients, you will then work with Dr. Cage directly in developing the right program.

Key Point:
- There is an epidemic of malnourishment, unhealthy foods and obesity in the the US, and with all our knowledge and technology the problem is getting worse.
- Any 'diet' can achieve weight loss if followed religiously, but that doesn't mean that it is healthy, safe or sustainable ... fade diets and counting calories is not the focus of the  healthy lifestyle choices necessary to develop and maintain sensible eating habits.
- One size does NOT fit all!  The Weight Loss puzzle examines 17 major areas influences affecting healthy body weight, and most are not discussed in the average diet plans,
- By puzzling out these major influences the right customized protocol will revealed.
- The Weight Loss Puzzle course is now available as an on-line video Series, and the course fee includes a private consultation with Dr. Cage to answer your questions and determine the best program for you and your clients.

Watch the Introduction Video Below
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Register and Watch the Weight Loss Puzzle Videos, then schedule your private appointment with Dr. Cage

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