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Sentient or Drone - What do we mean by Consciousness?

All credit and many kudos to the Star Trek franchise for portraying this subject in the title in a way that can get through the brainwashing of the dumbed down educational system, the SSSS programming frequencies of modern television, the internet and the very sophisticated propaganda narratives we are all bombarded with on a daily basis. If you're wondering how they did all that, I can answer in one word….


No, not the famous former world number one tennis player Bjorn Borg from the 1970s. This was the name of the half-robotic, half-humanoid race that became the Federation's most feared arch enemies in Star Trek, The Next Generation.

The Borg would "assimilate" alien cultures by physically capturing them, primarily with their superior technology, and injecting each individual with Nanoprobes, basically microscopic computers, which would circulate, latch onto organs and cells, link with DNA and neural circuits and forcibly bypass the individuals' own thinking mind and taking over control of their body and every action.

The nanoprobes would respond to higher frequency signals coming from a "hive" signal transmitter, continually receiving new instructions.

Even more grotesque, most of those kidnapped in this manner and having their bodies converted to Borg would have various body parts amputated - hands and eyes in particular - and replaced with a variety of interchangeable power tools or weapons. The eyes would be replaced with more complex sensors able to detect a wider range of frequencies. Computer chips were usually implanted in brains, expanding memory and computing capacity. All of this would place these formerly independent, sovereign individuals firmly under hive control, unable to think for themselves, act for themselves and do anything - eating, sleeping, eliminating wastes - unless they received instructions to do so from the hive mind.

The end result was that any sense of being an individual, all sense of humanity, all sense of spirituality and a connection to God, were permanently lost.

In my previous blog I promised you something about consciousness and why it is so important.

" Why do I put so much emphasis on Consciousness, you ask? Short answer, because this is the only thing that will allow us to upgrade our world when the "powers that be" are fully engaged in downgrading and degrading our world. Long answer? Stay tuned for my next blog."

Go check out the previous blog to see the context.

The concept of the Borg in Star Trek clearly goes beyond mere entertainment. File it under "soft disclosure".

You may not agree, but the vast majority of technologies to create a Borg race already exist. We have prosthetic limbs, we have microscopic nano particles, we are injecting the population with unknown ingredients, and by some accounts of independent researchers, some modern vaccines contain ingredients some investigators claim are nanoparticles. Everyone's technology darling Elon Musk has electric cars that now operate on their own, using onboard Artificial Intelligence, or AI; space rockets that land and take off by themselves, and is, get this, strongly urging computer chips be implanted in human brains. We now have life size humanoid robots, and in some circles they are being promoted as sex partners to replace humans.

As far as effects on our society we now have school children who can't recognize a potato or know that it is used to make French fries (expose by Chef Oliver). We have people who think chocolate milk comes from brown cows. A huge percentage of people think fast food is healthy. A majority of people seem to not know what genetically modified foods are, or if they do, they think they are safe and healthy.

We clearly need a new paradigm.

Ah, yes! Paradigm, the "P" word. The ultimate consciousness control tool.

Paradigm is a concept that summarizes the accepted norm of belief about a particular subject within a culture. This concept was made famous by historian Thomas Kuhn and his PhD thesis turned book "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions". A paradigm is so deeply intrenched it is accepted without question by virtually everyone in a culture. Examples include the world is flat, mankind will never make a machine that flies, smoking cigarettes is good for you, so smoke the brand your doctor recommends, and many, many others that were assumed to be correct until someone challenged the norm.

All those I just mentioned are now proven to be false. Kuhn demonstrated how, historically, it usually takes two generations for a new paradigm to take hold. The first generation of skeptics and then a second generation of their disciples literally have to die before the new paradigm gets a fair hearing in the court of public opinion.

While there may not be a publicly admitted to concerted effort to turn our entire race of modern humans into Borg Drones, at least not yet, the pieces of the technology to do so already exist. What IS fair to say, is that there is a very active, ongoing, and sad to say, fairly successful effort to craft the way the majority of the public thinks about many important issues.

The economy, politics, religion, military and wars, and yes, health care are all big targets of the propaganda machines working overtime in our modern society.

So, the downside of all this, is if we don't claim our rights and retain control of our own consciousness, we may lose it and possibly sooner than you think. Just watch a few episodes of Star Trek the Next Generation that focus on the Borg to see what your daily life might end up like.

All these subjects are discussed in my book, by the way, Heal Your Life, Heal the World.

Chapter 3 - Mental & Emotional Health, and

Chapter 8 - Health of Communities and Populations

are probably the best places to start.

So that is the down side. What is the potential upside of engaging in higher level work on our own consciousness?

First and foremost, you don't end up as a Borg drone, believing and doing everything the talking picture mind control box in the living room tells you. Second, when like minded individuals work together, synergy happens. We create a much stronger effect on the human collective consciousness, ie, we make better paradigms for the future of humanity. Buckminster Fuller (geodesic dome fame) once said:

In order to change an existing paradigm, you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That in essence is the higher service to which we are all being called”.

My book is an attempt to do exactly this. Likewise, my series of Consciousness courses are another attempt, and you might be amazed at what you, your friends and family can accomplish when pointed in the right direction. You can engage with the Consciousness series here: Consciousness Series

There truly is a great need, as well as a great opportunity, for all of us to take proactive control of our consciousness. There is as much of a need for this as there is to take proactive control of all the aspects of our health. Just browse around this website and please, feel free to email me with questions.

So, let's get started. Read the book, and join my online community of like-minded individuals.

Dr. Cage

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