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Dr. Cage Says ...

Heal Your Life, Heal the World

Establishing Health as a prerequisite for accomplishing your true spiritual purpose in life
by Dr. Arlan Cage,

With the scientific advances of the 20th and 21st centuries, we the human race should be healthy and thriving. We actually know how to prevent and cure virtually all diseases.  Every polluting technology has green, sustainable alternatives on the shelf, right now.  So, why hasn’t this happened?

The keys to correcting the problems in the world and achieving true health are to embrace our wholistic nature, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, and recognizing that our real reason for being alive is to accomplish our true spiritual purpose in life.  These in turn require an upgrade to our consciousness, both individually and collectively.  The Human Collective Consciousness is the real key to our world and our lives, and to overcome the many challenges that humanity is currently facing.

This book presents the details, the road map, to achieving the world we all wished we were living in.


Table of Contents

Ch. 1: What is Health, and why should you care? 

Ch. 2: Parameters of Physical Health

Ch. 3: Mental & Emotional Health

Ch. 4: Spiritual Health

Ch. 5: Energetic Health

Ch. 6: Environmental Toxins

Ch. 7: Vaccinations, the Whole Story

Ch. 8: Health of Communities and Populations

Ch. 9: Putting it all together: Living the Healthy, Wholistic Lifestyle

Ch. 10 A Wholistic Approach to Serious Diseases

Ch. 11:  Case Studies in Wholism:

CH. 12: The Humanity Manifesto


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