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The Complacency of The Nile

Every summer the Nile floods, during and after the rainy season. It doesn't care if you are ready for it or not. The Nile doesn't care if your irrigation system is ready, if your fields are planted, if you've driven your livestock to higher ground, or if you've foolishly chosen to build your home or entire city in the flood plain or not. The Nile, as a force of nature, simply does its job. Residents who live near the Nile can choose to live in harmony with it or not…the Nile just doesn't care.

We humans are often faced with a variety of natural forces with which we must deal. Some are geographical, like the Nile. If you live in northern Europe, seasonal flooding along the Nile doesn't have a whole lot of effect on your day to day life. If you live along the Nile, winter blizzards in the Rocky Mountains pretty much don't concern you.

We are all concerned with the various natural forces in our immediate area, and if we become complacent, we ignore those natural forces to our peril, as many a foolish person who built their homes in a flood plain has found out the hard way over the years.

Here in modern times, we have self-inflicted upon ourselves a variety of toxins, radiation, low quality, immune-system-destroying foods, and then we wonder why we are all sick so often, and why our lifespans are getting shorter, rather than longer. A great many people, it turns out, are going for a cruise on that great river in Egypt, The Nile, de Nile, Denial.

Our health, our beliefs, our self-imposed limitations are mostly because we are all cruising on that river in Egypt. We choose to ignore basic facts, because acknowledging them means we will need to make a change in our life. Maybe it means we will need to stop eating the junk food we are addicted to, or stop smoking, stop drinking, exercise more, and start reversing our poor health, perhaps stop watching TV so we can have time to study so we will qualify for that promotion or get a new job. If we acknowledge that pesky problem, it means we will be forcing ourself into a situation where we must break out of our comfort zone of complacency, and do some work, possibly major work.

Yes, far easier to keep cruising the river in Egypt, complaining the whole time. There are actually a lot of people in that same boat to complain with, so staying the course is easy. Far more difficult is diving off the boat alone and swimming for shore through crocodile-infested waters to reach the promised land of a better life.

So, enough with the metaphors. What does any of this actually have to do with your life?

I alluded to it above. You yourself may not have all of the problems I listed such as smoking, drinking, no exercise, being overweight, or in the rut of a less than satisfying life. Very few people alive today, however, can honestly say they don't have at least a few those things going on.

Some of the universal forces we are all subject to, after all, include air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, nutrient deficient foods and so on. These are some of the major causes of the various chronic disease epidemics modern society is facing. You can't live in a toxic waste dump without being affected by the toxic waste.

In addition to these physical factors affecting our health, and I would include electromagnetic pollution in this mix, we are also faced by the carefully crafted messages we are bombarded with daily that the world as it exists today is as good as it gets, so just sit down, shut up, pay for your life long prescription medications and your slow painful death after your increasingly shortened lifespan.

In other words, we are daily bombarded by propaganda aimed at keeping you from asking some basic questions about our so-called "reality". If you start asking questions, start adding 2 and 2 and coming up with "4", instead of the "3" or "5" the propaganda wants you to believe, then you might take it upon yourself to make changes. You might just dive off that boat - the SS Complainer - cruising the river in Egypt and swim for the shore and the promised land, even if you do have to fight off a few crocodiles on the way.

If one person occasionally does that, the rigged system profiting off the status quo isn't really going to care too much. But when dozens or hundreds or thousands start doing it, well, the status quo system is in danger of crashing down.

Famed scientist and social architect Buckminster Fuller once said:

“In order to change an existing paradigm, you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That in essence is the higher service to which we are all being called”.

So, after about 30 years in the fields of natural healing, energy healing and consciousness work, I have come to the conclusion that we, collectively, should not waste a single ounce of effort trying to fix or change the existing status-quo system, especially of health care. Instead, we should focus on building a better model.

What we could use is a model that empowers you, each individual along with your family, by giving you the information you need, the techniques you need to dive off that boat and swim for the shore, crocodiles be damned!

This is the essence of the Dr. Cage Says online community, and especially, my Ancient Immortals Program for Human Potential and Longevity (links below).

These two related avenues of empowerment really do work. I've seen thousands of patients use this information to reverse chronic diseases, sometimes when they had been told to go home and die. The key is a willingness to engage, a willingness to get up off your complacency, to stop believing the propaganda about the Emperor's wonderful new clothes, and, like the little child, stand up and say, "The Emperor has no clothes!"

In our case, the emperor is the status quo of our political system, medical system, corporate systems and mainstream media systems that really and truly don't want you to thrive.

You, however, get the final vote. You are the one on the corporate board of your life that gets to cast 51% of the votes, and make the final decision about your life.

All that most people need, is a better instruction manual, a better road map.

Start with my book "Heal Your Life, Heal the World", which is rapidly becoming a definitive textbook on reclaiming rights to your health and your consciousness. Here

The Dr. Cage Says online community is here.

The Longevity program is here.

I hope you join us!

Dr. Cage

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