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Ancient Immortals Program for

Modern science tells us that the average human lifespan should be 120-150 years, in good health!

History tells us there are people who have actually done this!

Dr. Arlan Cage has spent years compiling the best practices of traditional, long-lived, healthy cultures and combining that with the latest findings of modern biological science to produce a complete program intended to help you radically improve your health, and increase your lifespan to its optimum.

This astounding information is now available in the Ancient Immortals Program for Human Potential and Longevity. 


As of December, 2023, this information is available as a 6-course series of videos from the last time Dr. Cage taught this material live.  It will be offered live again in the spring of 2024.  If you start now, you get access to the existing course videos, AND, will be able to attend the expanded live courses in the spring (exact dates still TBD).

This is the premier program for those wishing to prevent illness and maintain optimal health for the fullness of their lifespan.

Traditional Wisdom

Modern Science



Ancient Formula

Health & Vigor


Introductory video for the Longevity Program

Longevity Program Pricing:
which includes
- access to the 6 course videos
- attendance at the live courses in spring 2024
- 6, one-on-one consultations to assist you in implementing this material

Contact Us to register and begin
or by phone

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