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Dr. Cage Says Course & Video Archives

This page provides links to different categories of videos and courses that have been offered by Dr. Cage in recent years.  Many are offered free of charge as a public service.  Others are part of paid courses, available to members of the Patreon community, the Annual Wellness program, or other programs.  Titles and shorte descriptions are found on this page.  Please contact us via email if you see a title you are interested in and would like to gain access.  

Public Videos
These are provided free of charge as an important public service.  Videos in this section include:
- Healthy Holidays
- Understanding Your Immune System
- Self Sufficiency for modern times
Link to public videos 

Patreon Community Videos
These are available to members of the Dr. Cage Says Patreon Community, and to those who have enrolled in one of our Annual Wellness Plans.  The list of videos is below.  if thee titles are of interest to you, please contact use to join Patron and gain access.
- CORE Health Lectures:
    Nutrition 1 - Macronutrients
    Nutrition 2 - Micronutrients
    Stress and Adrenal Glands

Link to Core Lectures Videos

Course Videos
These individual Courses are open to all Annual Wellness Plan participants, and those who register for these course.
- Full Immune System Course  Link
- Gallstone Course  Link
- Full Consciousness Course  Link

Qigong Videos
These are open to all Qigong students, Patreon members, and all Annual Wellness Plan participants.  
Link to Qigong Videos

Longevity Videos
The six videos from the Ancient Immortals Longevity Program.  These are open to all participants in the Longevity Program and to all Annual Wellness Plan participants.
Link to Longevity Course Videos

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