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Dr. Cage Says Course & Video Archives

This page lists a variety of videos from single courses and course programs that Dr. Cage has offered in the past. Accessing each course or program requires a course fee to be paid in order to access the videos.  Please contact us via email to make payment arrangements and receive your passwords.

A Healthy Immune System for the New Year (good every year!)
The video presents information about the functioning of our immune system which sadly, appears to have become lost or here in the modern times.  Despite what mainstream media might be saying, you really do have an immune system which can defend you against almost all types of pathogenic organisms - germs  in other words.  The video instructs you on how to use natural substances such as vitamins, minerals, herbs and more to increase your immune system function, and covers lifestyle choices and nutrition that can also boost your defenses.  

The Weight Loss Puzzle & Health Restoration Program™
This four-course series covers 17 key areas of our metabolism that have the most impact on our weight.  Learning to regulate these 17 areas will greatly enhance your ability to achieve your optimal weight.

Ancient Immortals Program for Human Potential & Longevity™  
This is the most advanced course and material that Dr. Cage has prepared to date (early 2023).  It is a thorough review of the healthiest and longest-lived populations and individuals in history, then carefully analyzes what these cultures have in common.  This provides a detailed formula for how to achieve the longest and healthiest lifespan possible. In addition to historical data, this course evaluates the latest scientific theories on aging, and how to fortify our system to counteract the effects of such factors as environmental toxins and DNA damage, for example.  This program consists of 6 course videos.  
> course fee for videos only
> course fee to combine the videos with 5 one-on-one private consultations with Dr. Cage

Qigong Videos

This section supports a selection of videos from Dr. Cage's Qigong for Health & Longevity courses.  This section is available to anyone who is a paid Qigong student, a Patreon member at any level, and those who participate in the Concierge Medicine program.

CORE Health Lectures™ 
A Major part of the Dr. Cage Says Community are the CORE Lectures.  This material consists of 7 lectures: Nutrition 1 - Macronutrients & Food Quality, Nutrition 2 - Micronutrients, Detoxification, Stress and Adrenal Glands, Sleep & Exercise, Consciousness & Mind, Body, Spirit Integration, and Introduction to the Subtle Energies.  This material grew out of Dr. Cage's practice and seeing what really works to get sick people well.  The CORE lectures are included at all levels of the Patreon Health Community, and form the basis of the Long Term Health Coaching program. A short video introduction to the CORE lecture is here.  The actual videos are located in the Patreon member area.
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