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Guidebook to Naturopathic Medicine & Natural Health Care for Families

This is a free, new, 31 page ebook by Dr. Cage that will explain your options for high quality, high service health care, and will help families and individuals navigate the world of natural and alternative health care, which can be confusing even for the experienced.

If you've ever wanted better access to health care that really works, that helps you recover your health, you owe it to yourself and family to read this free ebook before making another appointment to see any other doctor. 

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I.  Introduction to Natural Health Care                                                       

II. What Every Family Should Know About the Modern Health Care Systems  

III. Problems with the Conventional Health Care System                              

IV. Meet Dr. Arlan Cage, ND              

V.   What Exactly is Naturopathic Medicine?   

VI.   Natural Treatment Methods             

VII.  Special Considerations for Kids     

VIII. How Best to Choose a Natural Health Practitioner       

IX.   The Dr. Cage Wellness Clinic – a long term approach to optimal health 

X. The Annual Wellness Care Plan       

XI.     Summary and Contact Information   

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