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Dr. Cage Says ...

How to eliminate the pain of gallbladder attacks and reverse gallstones naturally, without the risks of surgery. 2nd Ed.
by Dr. Arlan Cage

Keep Your Gallbladder!  

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Conventional medical standards have declared that surgery to remove your gallbladder is your only option.  This supposedly "safe" procedure, however, results in 10,000 deaths per year in the U.S., and fully 25% of those who have the surgery still have the same pain or worse afterwards as they did before.

The same conditions that lead to gallstones also are precursors to heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other potentially deadly chronic illnesses.  Removing the gallbladder to remove a symptom does nothing to reverse these underlying root causes.

Fortunately, there are options!  It is a straightforward process to reverse your gallstones using safe, natural methods.  Dr. Cage has written the definitive book on the natural treatment of gallstones, and you can benefit by restoring your health without the risks of surgery.

Table of Contents
Section I: Background and Science of Gallstones & Gallbladders
Ch. 1: Why do we have a painful, gallstohne epidemic?
Ch. 2: How to prevent surgery while the natural methods work
Ch. 3: Gall bladder flushes - what are they and do you need one?
Ch. 4: The science of liver and gallbladder functioning
Section II: The details of holistic, natural treatment
Ch. 5: Testimonials
Ch. 6: Formation and progression of gallstones from a holistic perspective
Ch. 7: Long Term Treatment - how to reverse gallstones safely and naturally
Ch. 8: Gallstone treatment and Oriental medicine
Ch. 9: Possible contraindications to natural treatment
Ch. 10: Long-term prevention: the natural, holistic diet & lifestyle
Ch. 11: Comments on self treatment
Ch: 12: Oops! I already had my gallbladder out! Now what?

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