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Dr. Cage Says Course & Video Archives

Each class or course series requires payment to access the videos. Clicking the payment button and sending the payment will deliver an email documenting that you have made the appropriate payment. You must include your email, and you will receive the password within 24 hour, much less in most cases.  Please contact us via email if you have any questions.

A Healthy Immune System for the New Year (good every year!)
 Click here to purchase video access: $19.99    Immune Video

The Weight Loss Puzzle & Health Restoration Program™

Ancient Immortals Program for Human Potential & Longevity™  
> course fee for the 6 video course series only
> course fee to combine
the videos with 5 one-on-one private consultations with Dr. Cage
Longevity Program Videos

Qigong Videos

Click here

CORE Health Lectures™ 

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