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February Special

2nd Opinion Consultations with Dr. Cage!

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 Qigong for Health & Longevity

Beginning level Wed evenings,

Intermediate level Saturday Mornings,and

Private Instruction

by appointment

What is possible for humanity?
We humans have incredible potential - far more than we are using at present.  There are several inter-related keys to unlocking the fullness our this potential.  One is our health. Next is truly learning to utilize our consciousness.  Another is protecting our environment, by the use of clean energy sources and other technologies.  

This website presents the writings and teachings of Dr. Arlan Cage, a retired physician, as well as an engineer, scientist and consciousness researcher (full bio here).  In this page and his other related sites, you can learn exactly how we can fulfill our true potential, both individually and collectively.  Join us on this marvelous quest!
Your Immune System is here!

Video Course on your immune system, how it really works, and how you can strengthen and support it, as well as what you may be doing to inadvertently be suppressing and harming it.  Contact us to obtain the password.

The latest knowledge base offering from Dr. Cage, designed specifically for this time and year. The best bargain Dr. Cage has ever offered for improving your health and mastering your life, through courses and one-on-one consultations

Get Healthy, Get Serious, 2023

A compilation of 20 years of clinical experience in natural and alternative medicine, and an eclectic background of scientific, engineering and consciousness work, Heal Your Life, Heal the World is your roadmap to fulfilling your potential.

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Dr. Cage Says

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