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Dr. Cage Says ...
Courses and Registration

Upcoming Events - 
- Consciousness Series
- Ancient Immortals; Longevity Program
- Advanced Energy Healing
- HSIF Method

Patreon Members click here to register or make payments

Consciousness Series - $35/$60 for all 3!

Prepare for workshops by creating a meditative space, and bring a journal and art supplies

  • June 16th - Active Imagination

  • July 19th - Invocational Writing and Creating

  • August 11th - Exploring the Higher Planes

Special Lecture Series –

Ancient Immortals 'The Human Potential Longevity Program' 

6 month Course begins Saturday July 28th, 10am - 4pm mt

Energy and Healing Courses 

Course description can be found on the Aka Dua Energy Website

Energy * Healing * Consciousness Focus Group

Last Thursday of each month 7pm - 8pm (mountain time) (1hr - free event)

Please register so know you're coming, and bring a guest!

CEU courses

Dr. Cage also Teaches CEU courses for PIHMA Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture

Contact them directly to register for upcoming course

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