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Programs & Courses

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Upcoming and Ongoing Programs

  • New! 1st Thursday Lecture Series (Free)

  • HSIF Method - Human Structural Integrity Field Method

  • Ancient Immortals Longevity Program

  • Karate Jutsu & Qigong

New! 1st Thursday Health and Wellness Series with Dr. Cage, ND – (free event)

There will be a new presentation each month followed by Questions and Answers.

6pm (mountain time) on the 1st Thursday in the RCEDA Business Center conference room, (South Entrance) - 274 Old Corvallis Rd. suite D, Hamilton, MT 59840

Bring your friends and family … Please rsvp 406-361-8073

Human Structural Integrity Field Method of Kinesiological Physiotherapy (HSIF)

This is a method of physical and energetic manipulation co-developed by Dr. Cage and is successfully used to treat and manipulate bones that are out of place, tendon and ligament sprains, strains, muscle pulls, and other physical injuries. 

Dr. Cage uses this method to treat patients in his daily practice, and also teaches the techniques to other professionals as CEU Courses and Certification. To learn more about this gentle, yet highly powerful and effective technique, please click the link.


Ancient Immortals Program for Human Potential Longevity

The best practices of traditional, long-lived, healthy cultures with the latest findings of modern biological science to produce a complete program intended to help you radically improve your health, and increase your lifespan to its optimum.

This course has ongoing enrollment to participate in a series of recorded lectures and one-on-one consultations with Dr. Cage to implement the ultimate longevity lifestyle. Click through to read about the full course.


Aiki-Kime Ryu Karate Jutsu & Qigong for Health & Longevity

Qigong classes teach you to sense your own energy, to build it and make it stronger, and then to move your energy within your body to promote health and longevity.  Martial artists who study and practice with Qi are among the healthiest and longest-lived people on earth.

Weekly Qigong classes online via zoom and live at the Hamilton Wellness Clinic. 

Private qigong and karate training upon request.

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