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Concierge Wellness Plan

2024 Open Enrollment!

(October – December 2023)

Annual Concierge Wellness Plan

This is a pre-paid medical plan that covers all office visits and in-office treatments offered at Dr. Cage’s Wellness Clinic and other services.

Benefits of an Annual Concierge Wellnss Plan

●  Far less wait time for appointments

●  More time with your doctor

●  No more restricting your health care or that of your family due to cost concerns

●  A long-term plan to restore and maintain health, not just palliate symptoms

●  A holistic approach to health for you and entire family: health of your home, body care products, environment, etc.

●  Address your lifestyle for factors such as stress, exercise and mind/body/spirit wellness

●  Complimentary attendance at all Dr. Cage Health and Wellness lectures and courses

●  Customized & personalized health care!

Questions? Watch the short overview video on this page.

To Enroll, Contact our office


Concierge Wellness Plan Coverage -

  • Up to 30* office visits per person per year for Plan-A, and 12 visits for Plan- B  *(there may be an additional co-pay for more visits)

  • Office visits include - evaluation of metabolic or internal medicine conditions & physical medicine treatments for musculoskeletal pain or injuries.

  • Energy medicine treatments

  • Annual physical exam. 

  • Discount cash prices on laboratory exams

  • Professional grade herbs and nutritional supplements prescribe through a national service, shipped right to your home!

  • Compassionate Care: special pricing for elderly on limited or fixed income. 

  • (blood draws)

  • work with network providers on labs and testing

  • Back to School and Athletics exams

  • Access to all Dr. Cage Says lectures and past video presentations.

  • Special discounts on books and media

  • Health and Wellness Coaching

  • Family and payment plan options

  • Special members only newsletter

Overview of the Annual Wellness Plan

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