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Dr. Cage Says' Healthy Living Series, 2024
Monthly Workshops - herbs, cooking, shopping, gardens and more!

Healthy Holiday - Tricks and Treats!

•Make the Best Choices you can when eating out or at home

•Grow, Preserve, Cook and Eat your own food whenever possible

•Read the Labels; there will usually be better choices, know what is in your food

•Eat a healthy Breakfast with good sources of Protein

•Avoid sugar and caffeine until after breakfast or even lunch

•Always have healthy choices easily available (fruit and veggie tray, nuts, whole grains)

•Only put out snacks and treats after meals, when there are guests, never 24/7

•Avoid eating from shared containers; use a serving spoon and small cups for snacks

•Eat a healthy meal and drink plenty of water before social events and parties

•Take smaller portions, and bite size samples at the buffet table

•Choose Colorful Foods with a variety of vitamins balanced from the 4 Foods Groups

•Monitor sugar and alcohol intake, balance with healthy foods, drinks & water

Watch Video Presentation, including Cookie Recipies!

Watch the Video Presentation HERE:

Avoiding Colds/Flu, Excesses and Stress

•Eat a balanced diet of nutrient dense foods

•Avoid stimulants, caffeine & stress

•Eat a good breakfast daily with healthy Proteins

•Avoid recreational drugs and alcohol

•Keep snacks and sweet treats to a minimum

•Get plenty of Rest, exercise and take breaks

•Take Immune Boosting vitamins and herbs such as Vitamin C, Echinacea w/Golden Seal

At the 1st sign of illness –

•Cut back Immune Suppressing foods & activities.

•Begin more aggressive therapies & treatments

•If symptoms persist after 3 days, contact your doctor

The Healthy Living Series workshops give practical, hands-on experience, samples, exercises, practices ...

Workshops are offered upon request, and we require a minimum number of about 6-8 people to be able to offer them. If you have a group of family, friends or another organization, and would like to learn more about these subjects, please contact us to schedule a date and for pricing information.

Introduction - Getting Started (free event) video here
Cooking - Making Nutrient Dense Foods
Cooking for Food Allergies, Sensitivities and Special Diets
Cooking - Baking and Natural Desserts

Herbal Medicines - Grow, Harvest, Processing
Herbal Medicines - 
Preserving, Tinctures

Home and Garden - Creating Healthy Environments
Home and Garden - Harvest, preserving and canning

Preparedness - emergency storage, 1st aid, home healthcare
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