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Weight Loss That Works! 
part of the 1st Thursday Wellness Series

Thursday, February 1st, 2024

6:00 – 7:00 pm mt (also online)

From fat actresses through other celebrities, athletes and all of us common folk, weight loss seems to be the main focus of New Year's resolutions and health objectives everywhere. Calorie restriction and starvation diets don't work long term, because eventually we all crave calories and our nervous system will drive us to eat. 


This class presents the process to understand how your body is really wired for fat storage and weight loss, and then use that information to custom build an effective program that will work for you.

Attend  Live, in person, or join us on Zoom


Meeting ID: 882 7778 5580

Passcode: 017350

Dr. Cage ND - Wellness Clinic

RCEDA Business Center, Conference Room

274 Old Corvallis Rd. Hamilton, MT 59840

Space limited, RSVP - 406-361-8073



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