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Dr. Cage Says ...

Books & Product Recommendations

Detoxification Products

These products are recommended for performing the Detoxification program as part of the Dr. Cage Says Core Detox lecture.  There are many detox products on the market, and you are free to choose.  Please remember that there are humdreds of detox products on the market, and most do not match the necessary requirements and choreography needed for performing a detoxification program safely and effectively. There may be other products that meet the same criteria as set forth in the lecture, and you are free to choose.

GI Tract

Herbal Laxative
Colon Detox
GI Combination

Kidney/Urinary Tract
Kidney Tea
Kidney Tincture

Liver Tincture
Liver Detox Support

Supportive Therapies
Dry Skin Brush
Castor Oil Pack Kit



Many of these books are referenced in Heal Your Life, Heal the World.  Others have been instrumental in helping build Dr. Cages overall knowledge level, as well as helping many others.

Nutrition & Physical Degeneration by Weston Price

Healing with Whole Foods, by Paul Pitchford

Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Phyllis Balch

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