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Dr. Cage Says ...

Second Opinion Consultations 

Are you or someone you know currently facing a health issue of some type?


Have you been told:

- you need to be on medications for life?

- you need a surgery, perhaps irreversible to remove organs?

- the side effects of the planned treatment might be worse than your original condition?

- the conventional medical world admits they don’t really know what’s wrong, but you need an expensive procedure anyway?

- your lab tests are “normal”, there is nothing wrong with you, but you still feel sick?





None of us doctors can possibly know everything.  Human health, physiology and medicine are far too broad for any of us to be the ultimate experts on everything.  No matter how good your first doctor may be on some subjects, if they don’t have an answer that works for you, then you have every right to obtain a second opinion on your condition.


Dr. Cage routinely provides second opinion consultations to people all over the US, even other parts of the world.  His experience includes

- general internal medicine

- endocrinology

- gynecology

- fertility

- immune system disorders of all types

- musculoskeletal pain

- fibromyalgia

- heart disease

- gastrointestinal conditions


Subjects that might prompt you to seek a second opinion from Dr. Cage are things such as

- alternatives to surgery

- safe, natural alternative treatments that are more effective with fewer side effects



The usual cost of a consultation with Dr. Cage is $195.  This will include a thorough health history, details of your current condition, the recommended plans you are currently considering, and a presentation of your natural alternatives.  Consultations can be conducted via Zoom with emailing of pertinent records, or in person at his Hamilton, MT clinic if you are near Western Montana or are planning to travel there.


Contact Dr. Cage to schedule a consultation

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