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Dr. Cage Says ...

Second Opinion Consultations for health practitioners and clients 
Dr. Cage is frequently asked by health care providers and patients alike, to use his expertise and provide a “second set of eyes” on evaluating cases.  Even when an accurate diagnosis (by conventional medical standards) has been made, they usually don’t tell the full story. 


In the modern, conventional system, a diagnosis is simply a recitation of your current pattern of symptoms, usually in Latin.  “Arthritis”, for instance means “inflammation of the joints”.  It tells nothing, however, about why your joints are inflamed, or how you should go about correcting the problem.


If you are a health care provider of any type who has a patient not responding to the usual treatments, or, if you are a patient and aren’t happy with your progress of healing, Dr. Cage can analyze the situation with his unique, wholistic perspective and can often provide information on new avenues to pursue.  Contact us to inquire about a consultation.

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