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Your Two Responsibilities As a Human Being...

"Only 2," you ask, as you read the title of this blog? "Surely there must be more?!"

Nope, only 2.

Responsibility Number 1: Think for yourself.

God created humanity in His own image, and that doesn't mean physical appearance. Nope. It means a whole lot more, referring to our essential nature as a conscious, sentient being. We have a mind capable of both rational and intuitive thought, and we are expected to use it!

Responsibility Number 2: Live the life you were born to live!

We were each born with a True Purpose, our individual part of Divine Will. Finding and accomplishing this Purpose is the only thing you are here to do.

If you understand these two responsibilities, everything else in life will flow from them. You realize you can't do any of what you came here to do unless you are healthy, and thus, just like that, your spiritual life and your health are intimately linked. Now what?

Heal Your Life, Heal the World was created for exactly this level of understanding. You acknowledge your spiritual nature, the Divine mandate to accomplish your True Purpose, and now you require instructions. This book is the instruction manual you have been seeking!

From the Introduction:

"The great scientific advances of the 20th and 21st centuries should have resulted in near-perfect health for all of humanity. We, the human race, should be healthy and thriving right now. With all our collective, accumulated knowledge, there is no reason that we all aren’t healthy, prosperous and living in a clean environment. We could be boosting all manner of human performance and longevity. This clearly has not happened. Despite the elimination of most infectious disease through nutrition, sanitation and hygiene, formerly the greatest killers of humanity, we are sicker than ever before. We have replaced the old killers with a new set of disease epidemics that barely existed before the turn of the 20th century, a bit more than 100 years ago. Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are among the new big killers. Like the infectious diseases before them, however, these too are preventable and treatable using simple methods, and for most cases, fully reversible."

The rest of the book is devoted to proving all these points.

Join the Health revolution of the 21st century.

Dr. Arlan Cage

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