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• Are you lean, fit and pain free?

• Do you have a strong immune system and never get sick?

• Are your blood tests on your annual physical exam perfect?

• Is your blood pressure excellent?

• Do you have good memory, concentration and cognitive abilities?

• Are you happy in your personal and professional life?

If all your answers are “Yes”, then you don’t need the revolutionary new approach I am offering for establishing and maintaining optimal health. If your answers were all “yes”, whatever you’re doing, just keep doing it.

If one or more answers were “no”, however, I invite you spend just a few minutes to learn about my new program, Get Healthy, Get Serious.

I’m Dr. Arlan Cage, a former aerospace engineer turned Naturopathic physician. In my work I combine the best of rigorous science with the best of traditional, natural healing methods and have taught literally thousands and thousands of people how to regain and maintain their natural state of vibrant health.

By mid-February, most New Year’s resolutions have long since been dropped, your goals of improving your health and your life are starting to drift away like dust in the wind. Yet, like most people in a similar position, you would still really like to

• lose weight

• have more energy

• not get sick as often

• normalize your blood pressure

• perhaps eliminate most or all of your prescription medications, along with their side effects

• have a better sex life

• boost your memory

• stop struggling with all manner of various health issues

After more than 25 years of helping people with all these things and more, I can tell you the number one, biggest obstacle faced by the vast majority of people I’ve worked with: NO ONE HAS EVER TAUGHT THEM HOW!

My choice of words here – teach you how – is very specific and deliberate. Naturopathic physicians consider teaching you how to be healthy to be so important, it is one of the six core tenets of the Naturopathic profession. After all, once you leave the doctor’s office or end a zoom call telemedicine consultation, the ability to follow through is all up to you. Neither I, nor any other doctor, can make you get well. I can’t make you want to get well. That desire to learn how, and the drive to follow through to upgrade your health and your life, that all has to come from you. We Naturopathic physicians have observed over the years, that how successful you are in this process depends on you truly understanding the “why” behind the advice we give you and the recommendations we make. If we can help you understand what can at times be a complicated process, you will be well on your way to optimal health.

This new program I’ve created is based on my observations of what actually works to help people get better. Even if you aren’t “sick” per se, but realize you “just aren’t as young as you used to be”, and many areas of your body tell you that regularly, this program will help. A full description is at the link just above. Here is the short description of what this program entails:

- Four courses, each about 2-3 hours, covering the major determinants of health, weight management, your immune system, stress management, boosting your energy, and detoxification in our modern, post pandemic world.

- Four one-on-one consultations with Dr. Cage to customize this information for you

- Follow up emails for questions. I can’t say they will be unlimited, but no reasonable request will be turned down

- Access to the course videos to rewatch the material as often as you would like.

That sounds great, but how much will all this cost?

The usual cost of one consultation with Dr. Cage is $250 for 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours. The cost of the average health course Dr. Cage presents ranges from $75 to $200. To help you get started the right way, this program is being offered for $330. You may be asking yourself “why so little?” This is material and services that would normally cost $1500-2000?

Basically, the short answer is, because I want you to succeed.

There is SO MUCH misinformation and deliberate deception being spread about health-related matters these past few years, this is part of my way of fighting back against the government/big pharma/mainstream media propaganda that seems clearly aimed at keeping you sick. This program is my way of giving you a way to bypass the misdirection and propaganda that seems to be the majority of what you find anywhere on television and other media outlets. This is the most economical way I’ve ever packaged my courses and consultations.

“You can spend a little now on Wellness, or a lot later on illness.

The choice is yours.”


This program will result in a change and upgrade of your lifestyle. You will shop differently, cook and eat differently, exercise differently. You will change the way you live life in many different and positive ways. Best of all, you will look and feel differently.

While you may think there is no hurry to do all this, that you can just gradually add one thing here, eliminate one thing there, the truth is, it takes 90 days to create a new habit. A new lifestyle of health requires many new habits. Once we truly commit and really start, your efforts will snowball. There is truth to the concept "you can't swim across the river and keep one foot on shore". Likewise, we really can't be just a little bit healthy. This is the time to go all in.

How many previous years have you watched your New Year’s resolutions about health disappear into thin air, and another year goes by without significant change? How many times have you had to cancel plans due to illness or injury?

You aren’t able to start this program any sooner than right now. Unless you’re the perfect picture of health I started this blog with, I invite you and encourage you to invest in yourself and your family. We are not intended to crawl through life, constantly sick and barely functional. Instead, we are intended to joyfully bound our way through life, vibrantly healthy, living the life we are intended to live.

For most people, the only thing missing, is an instruction manual that is customized for you, that will really work.

Dr. Cage

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