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Feed Yourself, Clothe Yourself and Sleep Without Getting Rained On. Is that all there is to life?

Feed Yourself, Clothe Yourself and Sleep Without Getting Rained On; is that all there is to life? If that's it, it all seems like a waste of time and effort; a bit like getting all dressed up in your finest tuxedo or ball gown just to walk to the kitchen and get some cheese and crackers, to go back to your bedroom, get undressed and eat your snack in bed. Surely whoever or whatever planned and created the Universe had something more in mind for humanity?

When we look at deteriorating social conditions around the country and around the world it is alarming to see that an increasingly greater number of people don’t even have this much - food to eat, clothes to wear and a warm dry place to sleep. A recent road trip to a few west coast cities showed a huge increase in homeless encampments compared to just a year ago. We're now being told by politicians "don't worry, we have a great reset coming, you won't have to own anything or even think for yourself, we'll provide all your basic needs, and you'll be happy".

It isn't my intent in this short blog to go any further down the political path than I have already, but it IS my intent to reassure you there really is more to life than mere survival.

Believe it or not, you have a particular higher purpose in your current life. I say this with great certainty, because we all have one. Yes, this means there really IS a spiritual side to the Universe. It doesn't even matter if you don't believe any particular religion or even if you don't believe in God. That doesn't matter. The concept of a spiritual side of our life is based on the concept that the Universe consists of parallel planes, or octaves, separated by frequency. Just like most of us can't see the radio waves, cell phone signals or television signals beaming through whatever room you happen to be in right now, most people don't "see", with our physical eyes, these other frequencies of parallel, higher frequency planes of reality. These planes, very plainly explained by modern physics (yes, pun intended) actually exist and our belief or non-belief are not required. This is as true as any other law of physics. (as an aside, remember too that not all the laws of physics have been documented by modern scientists yet; more to come, in other words).

So, yes, the higher planes, aka Spiritual Realms, really exist, and so the only thing left for us to figure out is what to do with all this information. Which system of investigating what I call "the other 90% of the Universe" is the most complete and most accurate, and how do we go about using this knowledge and interacting with it?

Well, there are gobs and gobs of spiritual systems, religions, branches of science and psychology all devoted to trying to figure all this out, so my suggestion is just pick one and get started. Just remember that none of them actually have the complete story, so better results are probably going to be attained when multiple systems are willing to sit down, talk to each other, compare notes and thereby learn from each other's experience.

One thing that virtually ALL the various religious and spiritual systems agree on, however, is that we each have a unique purpose in this life. This is something we came to this life to accomplish, that no one else can. If all the religions and spiritual systems agree on that, well, we should all probably listen.

Long story short, in order to actually find out what you are here to do, some assembly of your life is required, and while that is happening, it will serve you well to keep your physical body in optimal health long enough to get done what you are here to do. This all means there are two interrelated subjects here: 1) stay healthy, and 2) learn how to communicate with those portions of your consciousness that will permit you to access those higher frequency planes, and get the information you need to finish your real work here in this lifetime.

At the risk of offending anyone reading this, let me just say that I am not an expert in every religion out there, and probably not in yours. I've been studying this quite a while, though, and some of what I've learned is that almost every system will agree that you are here to do something, AND that there are higher planes that we can all learn to communicate with. Every system has select groups devoted to this higher level of knowledge; those of us in the masses, however, aren't often invited to partake.

That's where my book Heal Your Life, Heal the World comes in. I'm sharing a whole lot of information, some of which is widely available, much of which isn't, about how to be successful in your life. Here, success is defined as accomplishing the true purpose of your lifetime. I can honestly say, that I truly believe, that if the whole world were practicing all the material in this book, - wholistic nutrition, living and farming in harmony with the land, ending environmental toxins, supporting everyone on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic levels, that there would simply be no need for strife, conflict or war.

To quote my own Introduction: "The great scientific advances of the 20th and 21st centuries should have resulted in near-perfect health for all of humanity. We, the human race, should be healthy and thriving right now. With all our collective, accumulated knowledge, there is no reason we all aren't healthy, prosperous and living in a clean environment. We could be boosting all manner of human performance and longevity."

So, let's get started. Read the book, and join my online community of like-minded individuals.

Dr. Cage

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