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Homeopathy and Epidemics

Historically the most effective form of treatment during widespread outbreaks of disease

If Health is the goal, why does the conventional medical world fail to embrace the immediate and ongoing use of homeopathic treatment?

Possibly no other single word can cause more turmoil in the halls of conventional medicine than “homeopathy”. Since its discovery in the late 1700s by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann, the collective of conventional medicine has derided homeopathy as nothing more than the placebo effect, charlatanism, or even black magic. Yet, in study after study, year after year, century after century, homeopathic treatments continue to be proven to work. Even studies that set out to disprove homeopathy have, instead, done the opposite and proven that it really does work! That, in fact, seems to be part of what infuriates the conventional medical system, called the Regulars in Hahnemann’s day. It works better than conventional methods.

Why all the fuss and furor? Why all the passionate emotion and anger directed at a highly effective field of healing and the doctors who practice it? Further, can homeopathy actually work to treat epidemics and pandemics? In this blog I’ll be exploring these questions and related subjects so that you can have the knowledge you need to care for yourself and family.

History: What is Homeopathy

Hahnemann was a conventionally trained medical doctor who essentially gave up the practice of medicine. During a cholera outbreak, he was powerless to save many people, even losing one of his own children. With the standard treatments of that time emphasizing practices like bleeding and heavy doses of poisons such as mercury, the failure rate was high. He swore off the practice of medicine, declaring it to be useless and dangerous. With a large family to feed, Hahnemann, well educated, took to translating literature from Greek and Latin into German. In this work, much of which included old medical literature, he began noticing observations made by physicians of the past that very often, the best medicine for treating a given illness with a particular symptom picture, was a medicine or substance which, if given in high doses to healthy people, could cause the same or a very similar set of symptoms. This observation had been duly noted over the centuries, but then, after the authors had died, very little had been done with the information, which then almost became lost to time.

Hahnemann was intrigued by this. He decided it was worth experimenting with. As his first test subject, he chose himself, later expanding to include friends and family. His initial tests were hopeful – he began to see people getting a little better, a little faster than they would have under conventional methods, though he also still observed side effects from the treatment.

Then, Hahnemann had a flash of inspiration and decided to dilute the medications before using them. To ensure they were thoroughly mixed, he would repeatedly strike the bottle of mixed fluids against a firm object – he seemed to prefer a leather bound book such as a bible. This method seemed to work; a dilution of 1 part medicine in 10 parts solution produced better results with fewer side effects. He eventually tried a variety of dilution strengths, and the more the medicine was diluted (meaning the less there was of the original source material) the better it seemed to work with fewer side effects.

To the rational, thinking mind, this defied logic. How could a more dilute medicine have a stronger medicinal action? This is the source of most of the objections against homeopathy. Hahnemann worked in the late 1700s and early 1800s, well before a full knowledge of biochemistry or pharmacology, and 100 years or so before principles of modern physics, such as quantum mechanics, relativity and particle coupling were discovered.

Even today, in the early 2000s, 200 years after the time of Hahnemann and 125 years after the advent of the modern physics era, principles of modern physics have barely begun to be incorporated into models of biology and medicine. This is one of the great failings of our current mainstream medical system.

Concepts of modern physics actually can explain all of homeopathy and all of the other forms of “energy medicine” – qigong, acupuncture, Aká Dua, Reiki and others.

Homeopathy and Epidemics

The first use of homeopathy in the treatment of epidemics was by Hahnemann himself. In 1813, as Napoleon’s army passed through Germany to invade Russia, and later as they retreated, a Typhus epidemic followed in their wake. The results of conventional treatment at that time was a 30% death rate. Using his homeopathic methods, Hahnemann treated 180 patients, losing only 2 – 1.1% death rate.

Since then, homeopathy has been used to treat epidemics, and on average, the success rate has been far higher than whatever the conventional medical methods of the day could produce. I discuss this in more detail in my book, but a few representative highlights include:

- 1800s, cholera in Europe, 60% death rate conventionally, <10% homeopathically

- 1853, Yellow Fever, US; 50-85% conventional, 5% homeopathic

- Diptheria, 1860s, New York; 83% death rate conventional, 16% homeopathic.

Homeopathy has also been used preventatively, by treating people who haven’t yet caught the disease in question using homeopathic medicines. Hahnemann himself did this to successfully slow the spread of epidemic illness. In modern times, an Australian homeopath named Isaac Golden has published studies showing this method is highly effective.


The world medical/political community has failed corona virus massively. We are at a time where we the people can no longer trust nor rely on the so-called experts to be making decisions in our best interest. More on this in my next blog. It is time we all start demanding that homeopathy be included in the conversation, and that homeopaths and Naturopaths, trained in homeopathy, be immediately added to the staff of hospitals and clinics. The world of conventional medicine, which has long fought to exclude homeopathic and Naturopathic practitioners from conventional medical settings has proven their judgement can’t be trusted, and we need to override their vote.

Homeopathy NOW!

Dr. Cage

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