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Why a Coronavirus Vaccine is a Bad Idea

More than any other aspect of this whole Trumped up corona virus situation, my comments on the subject of a “cure” for the corona virus, and in particular, a vaccine, will probably induce more emotion and disagreement than anything else I might say on this subject.

Let’s face it, most of the world is scared right now. Either people are afraid of this actual virus, or they are afraid others will be upset they are not following along with the herd response of fear. Everyone is hoping for the miracle cure, the great new drug that will save us all. Surely the scientists will do that quickly, right? After all, they’ve saved us from all the other infectious diseases with vaccines, right? Right?

Vaccines have been a huge part of the modern cultural paradigm for more than 100 years now. What we’ve all been told since childhood is that vaccines are scientific, they’ve eradicated diseases like smallpox, they saved us from the deaths causes by measles, mumps, rubella and a number of other classic diseases we are vaccinating against. Now, the news is full of stories about how scientists are racing to create a vaccine that will protect us all against the corona virus. This would be a good thing according to our paradigm, right?

Welllll, not so fast. First of all, vaccines may not deserve the credit they’ve been given at reducing or eliminating illness. More on this later.

Second of all, we actually have dozens if not hundreds of effective treatments for viral illnesses right now. Most of them, however, are not prescription pharmaceutical drugs, meaning they can’t be patented to make tons of money. Yes, it is my professional duty to tell you that, no matter what you’ve been led to believe, every prescription drug and every vaccine on the market is first and foremost about profit.

This situation has been unchanged since the time of WWI, more than 100 years ago now, when massive amounts of vaccines were produced for the troops headed off to Europe. The so called Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 turns out to have been caused by side effects of the widespread vaccines given first to the troops, and then to the civilian population. There never was any “Spanish Flu”, as it turned out. Even today, however, more than 100 years later, the mainstream media, the pharmaceutical companies and world governments continue this false notion.

Instead, it is nutrition, sanitation and hygiene that should get the credit for eliminating many if not most deaths from infectious illness throughout the world. Clean drinking water supplies, proper disposal of sewage, proper food handling, health care workers wearing gloves and washing their hands; all these and many other similar measures were behind the actual reduction of disease incidence and deaths over the last 150 years or so. Many of the diseases we now vaccinate against had already achieved a 99% or more reduction in deaths before the vaccines were introduced. Other formerly dangerous diseases – Scarlet Fever, for instance – experienced a similar reduction in fatalities even though no vaccine was ever produced.

As an interim summary, it was thus sanitation, cleanliness and nutrition to keep immune systems strong that were responsible for the massive reduction in deaths from infectious illness throughout the late 1800s and the 1900s.

All this history and more is fully explained in my book, Heal Your Life, Heal the World, by the way. Chapter 7 – Vaccinations, the Whole Story, covers most of this material. It was published before this current corona virus scare, however.

The next major reason we should not be looking to a vaccine to “save us” from this viral crisis, is simply that ALL modern vaccines contain extremely toxic ingredients. From the forms of the various disease entities vaccines are attempting to save us from, to the other ingredients such as preservatives and adjuvants (these are supposedly immune system “enhancers”), ALL our current crop of modern vaccines contain highly toxic ingredients, at concentrations many times higher than “safe” levels. In truth, there is no safe level for any of these ingredients. Both short and long-term side effects range up to and including death. There is no reason to believe that the same pharmaceutical companies that have been responsible for millions of vaccine side effects in the last 100 years won’t be using these same toxic ingredients in whatever new vaccine they suddenly trot out to solve this corona virus crisis.

Toxic vaccine ingredients are also fully covered in Heal Your Life, Heal the World. This is an ideal time to educate yourself and family on what really gets injected into your body if or when you receive a vaccination.

A fifth major reason to not pursue, and certainly not receive any new vaccine for the corona virus, is simply that NONE of the vaccines currently in use actually prevent the disease they are supposedly protecting us from. This statement is not an exaggeration. Study after legitimate study, provided they are conducted by neutral parties and NOT the pharmaceutical company that manufactured them, consistently prove this fact. Rates of the flu are higher among those who receive vaccinations than those who don’t. Most modern disease outbreaks – measles for example – take place almost exclusively among those who received the vaccine. The flu example is probably the closest parallel we have to corona virus, and flu vaccine statistics are dismal.

A sixth major reason, alluded to in the section of vaccine ingredients above but not specifically stated, are the myriad of side effects that ALL vaccines have been proven to deliver. Remember the “Swine Flu” epidemic of the 1970s? An urgent vaccine was rushed to market, completely untested, and produced far more cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome, a disease of neurological damage caused by vaccine ingredients, than it saved from the Swine flu. It is an almost sure bet that any corona virus vaccine brought to market quickly will be likewise untested.

We, collectively, need to stick with what is proven effective. Nutrition, sanitation, hygiene and cleanliness. Rest if you are sick. Boost your immune system and treat any virus with the methods I list in a previous blog here.

Our current social paradigm that vaccines can save us, is thus proven to be a lie. They have never saved us from anything. They are aimed first, at producing profit through the sale of vaccinations; second, at producing profit through damage to our health and especially immune systems, which leads to the need for pharmaceutical intervention throughout each person’s life. Type I diabetes, for instance, is caused by vaccine side effects, in about 99% of cases. Diabetes is the most expensive illness to treat over the lifetime of the patient.

We already have effective alternatives to treat the corona virus and all other infectious diseases. China used intravenous Vitamin C to produce 100% cure rate of the corona virus for those it was used on.

Just say NO to untested, unproven, toxic vaccines.

The evidence for these historical facts about vaccinations is in my book, Heal Your Life, Heal the World

Follow this blog for pertinent updates on the ongoing corona virus situation.

Dr. Cage


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